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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 35

I have begun carrying out My work among humans, allowing them to live in the same stream with Me. I will complete My work while still among them, for they are the objects that I manage in My entire management plan—and it is My wish for them to become masters of all things. I therefore continue to walk among humans. As humans and I enter the current era, I feel quite at ease, because the pace of My work has quickened. How can these humans keep up? I have done much work on apathetic and dull-witted people, and yet they have gained next to nothing because they do not cherish and love Me. I have dwelled among all people and observed move by them both above ground and below. All those categorized as “humans” are resisting Me, as if “resisting Me” were in their job descriptions. It seems that if they did not carry out this work, then they would be like a vagrant orphan, adopted by no one. However, I do not sentence people arbitrarily based on their actions and behavior. Rather, I support and provide for them in accordance with their stature. Because humans are the protagonists of My entire management plan, I devote more guidance to those in this role of “humanity” so that they may play it wholeheartedly and to the best of their ability, and so that this play which I am directing will become a complete success. This is My supplication to humankind. Could it be that without this prayer, they will be unable to play their part as well as they can? I can accomplish what people ask of Me, but they cannot accomplish what I ask of them? It cannot be said that I oppress humans by might. This is My final request: I am imploring them in all earnestness and sincerity. Are they truly unable to do what I ask? I have been giving to people for many years, yet have received nothing in return. Who has ever given Me anything? Are My blood, sweat, and tears simply like clouds in the mountains? I have given people “vaccinations” many times, and told them that My requirements of them were not exacting. Why, then, do people constantly avoid Me? Is it because I will treat them like baby chicks, to be killed as soon as they are caught? Am I really that brutal and inhumane? Humans always measure Me by their own conceptions. Do their conceptions of Me correspond to the reality of[a] Me in heaven? I do not consider people’s conceptions to be objects for My enjoyment. Rather, I see their hearts as things to be appreciated. However, I do feel quite fed up with their consciences, because according to them, I Myself do not possess one. I therefore have developed further opinions on that topic. However, I refuse to criticize their consciences directly; rather, I continue to guide them patiently and systematically. After all, humans are weak, and unable to carry out any work.

Today, I officially took a step into the realm of boundless chastisement, and am enjoying it alongside humankind. I am also directing them by hand, and they are well-behaved under My direction; no one dares to oppose Me. All are under My guidance, doing the duties I have assigned, because this is in their “job descriptions.” Among all things in heaven and under heaven—who dares not submit to My plans? Who is not in My grasp? Who does not utter praise and extolment for My words and My work? Humans admire My deeds and actions, so they dedicate themselves to the stream of My work because of My every little move. Who can break away? Who can pull away from the work I have arranged? Due to My administrative decree, humans are compelled to stay; without it, they would all have sneaked back from the “front line” and become “deserters.” Who is unafraid of death? Are people truly willing to sacrifice themselves? I do not impose on anyone, because I gained a thorough understanding of human nature long ago. Thus, I have always been undertaking projects that people have never done before. Because no one could carry out My work, I have set foot upon the battleground in person to engage in a struggle of life and death with Satan. Nowadays, Satan is rampant to the extreme. Why do I not take this opportunity to show off the focus of My work in order to reveal My power? As I have said before, I use Satan’s ruse as My foil; is this not the best opportunity? Only now do I reveal a gratified smile, for I have achieved My goal. I will no longer run around and ask humans for “help.” I have stopped bustling about, and no longer live the life of a vagrant. From now on, I will live in peace. Humans likewise will be safe and sound, for My day has come. On earth I have led the busy life of a man, a life in which many injustices seem to have occurred. In humans’ eyes, I have shared their joys and sorrows, as well as their adversities. Like humans, I, too, have lived on earth and under heaven. They have therefore always seen Me as a created being. Because humans have not seen the Me in heaven, they have never spent much effort on Me. However, given today’s situation, people have no choice but to admit that I am the Master of their fate and the speaker orating from the clouds. Humans therefore have touched their heads to the ground before Me in worship. Is this not the proof of My triumphant return? Is this not a portrayal of My victory over all hostile forces? People have all had premonitions that the world is coming to an end, and that humanity will undergo a great cleansing. However, they cannot in truth consciously carry out what I ask of them, so they have no choice but to weep under My chastisement. What can be done? Who told these humans to be disobedient? Who told them to enter into the final age? Why were they born as humans into this pre-apocalyptic world? Everything is arranged by Me personally. Who can complain?

Ever since the world’s creation, I have roved among humans, keeping company with them in their earthly existence. In previous generations, however, not a single person was ever chosen by Me; everyone was turned down by My silence. This is because those people in the past did not serve Me with single-minded devotion; I therefore did not love them exclusively, either. They had taken Satan’s “presents” and then turned around and offered them to Me; in doing so, was this not slanderous against Me? While such offerings were being made, I did not reveal My disgust; rather, I tried to turn their scheme to My own use by adding these “presents” to the materials being used in My management. Later, once they had been processed by machine, I would burn off all the resulting waste. Although this current generation of humans have not offered Me many “presents,” I do not reproach them for it. These people have always been destitute and empty-handed; thus, having observed the reality of their situation, I have never subjected them to any unreasonable demands after I came to the human world. Rather, after giving them “materials,” I have simply sought the “finished product” that I want, for this is the only thing achievable by humans. I have spent so many years in hardship, learning what it means to live as a human, before coming up with an appropriate request. Had I not experienced human life, how could I understand the matters they find difficult to discuss? Nevertheless, humans do not see it this way; they just say I am the all-powerful, supernatural God Himself. Is this not precisely the conception all humans have had throughout history and even up to today? I said that on earth, there is no one who can truly know Me one hundred percent. This remark has its implications; this is not just empty talk. I have experienced and observed this Myself, so I have an understanding of the details. Had I not come down to the human world, who would have a chance to know Me? Who could listen to My words in person? Who could see My figure among them? Since ancient times, I had always remained hidden in the clouds. I predicted early on that I would come down to the human world in the last days to serve as their exemplar. This is why nowadays people are fortunate enough to broaden their horizons. Is this not a kindness I have bestowed upon them? Could it be that they will not understand My grace at all? Why are humans so insensitive and dull-witted? Having come so far, why have they still not awoken? I have been in this world for many years, but who knows Me? No wonder I chastise people. It seems that they are the objects on which to put My authority to use; it seems that they are bullets in My gun which, once I have fired it, will all escape. This is their imagination. I have always respected humans; I have never arbitrarily exploited or traded them like slaves. This is because I cannot leave them, nor can they leave Me. Thus, a life and death bond has formed between us. I always cherish and love humans. Although that sentiment has never been mutual, they have always looked to Me, which is the reason I continue to spend efforts on them. I love people like My own treasure, because they are the “capital” of My management on earth; I therefore will certainly not eliminate them. My will toward humans will never change. Can they truly trust in My oath? How can they satisfy Me? This is the task for all humankind; it is the “homework” I have left for them. It is My hope that they will all work hard to complete it.

April 23, 1992


a. The original text does not contain the phrase “reality of.”

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