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The Twenty-seventh Utterance

The Word Appears in the Flesh

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The Twenty-seventh Utterance

The one true God who administers all things in the universe—the almighty Christ! This is the testimony of the Holy Spirit, it is irrefutable proof! The Holy Spirit is working to bear testimony everywhere, so that no one will have any doubt. The triumphant King, Almighty God! He has prevailed over the world, He has prevailed over sin and accomplished redemption! He saves us, this group of people who have been corrupted by Satan, and He makes us complete to carry out His will. He reigns over the whole earth, takes it back and chases Satan into the bottomless pit. He is judging the world, and no one can escape from His hands. He reigns as King.

The whole earth rejoices! It praises the triumphant King—Almighty God! For ever and ever! You are worthy of honor and praise. Authority and glory be to the great King of the universe!

Time is short, follow Almighty God’s footsteps and continue forward. Go with great care, be considerate toward His burden and expend yourself for His management plan in one accord with Him. You must not retain your possessions, and there is not much time. Offer them up! Don’t keep them! Offer them up! Don’t keep them!

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