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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 23

To all the brothers and sisters who have heard My voice: You have heard the voice of My severe judgment and you have endured extreme suffering. However, you should know that behind My stern voice are hidden My intentions! I discipline you so that you may be saved. You should know that for My beloved sons, I will surely discipline you and prune you and soon make you complete. My heart is so eager, but you do not understand My heart and you do not act according to My word. My words today come upon you, making you truly recognize that God is a loving God and causing you all to experience the sincere love of God. However, there are also a small number of people who are pretending. When they see the sorrow of other people, they copy them, filling their eyes with tears, too. There are others who—on the surface—appear to owe a debt to God and they seem remorseful, but within them, they do not truly understand God, nor are they certain about Him; rather, they are just presenting a facade. I loathe these people the most! Sooner or later, these people will be cut off from My city. My intention is this: I want those who fervently want Me, and only those who pursue Me with a true heart can please Me. These are people whom I shall certainly support with My own hands, and I will ensure that they encounter no calamities. The people who truly want God will be willing to be considerate of God’s heart and do My will. So, you should enter into reality soon and accept My word as your life—this is My greatest burden. If the churches and the saints all enter into reality and all are able to fellowship with Me directly, to come face to face with Me and practice truth and righteousness, only then will they be My beloved sons, the ones in whom I am well pleased. Upon these people, I shall bestow all great blessings.

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