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1022 Only Those Who Practice the Truth Can Be Saved by God

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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1022 Only Those Who Practice the Truth Can Be Saved by God

1 As long as you now have one shred of hope, then whether or not God remembers past events, you should maintain this mentality: “I must seek a change in my disposition, seek to know God, never again be fooled by Satan, and never again do anything that would bring shame to God’s name.” The key areas that determine whether you can be saved and whether you have any hope are, after listening to a sermon, whether or not you can receive the truth, whether or not you can put the truth into practice, and whether or not you can change.

2 If you only feel remorse, if you just keep thinking in the same old way when it is time for you to act, then again act accordingly—plus, if you have no understanding at all about this matter, but instead get worse and worse—then you will be without hope, and should be written off. The more you understand God and the more you understand yourself, the more capable you will be of mastering yourself. The more thorough an understanding you have of your own nature, the more you will be able to master yourself. After you have summed up your experience, you will never again fail in this matter.

3 In actual fact, there are blemishes on everyone, and they all reveal certain corrupt dispositions, like arrogance or conceit, or they make some transgressions, or some mistakes or errors in their work, or they are slightly rebellious. These are things that no corrupted person can avoid. However, once you have understood the truth, you should avoid them, and it will then no longer be necessary to always be troubled by things that happened in the past. Instead, the fear is that you will still not change even after having understood, that you will continue to do things even when you know they are wrong, and that you will continue to act a certain way even after being told that it is wrong. Such people are beyond redemption.

Adapted from “To Serve God One Should Walk the Path of Peter”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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