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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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66 Time

Verse 1

A lonely soul has traveled from afar,

probing the future, seeking the past,

toiling arduously, and pursuing a dream.

It knows not whence it comes or it goes,

born in tears and fading in despair.

Though trampled underfoot, it is still holding on.

Chorus 1

Your coming puts an end to afflicted life adrift.

I catch a sight of hope, and welcome the light of dawn.

I gaze into the misty distance, I catch a glimpse of Your shape.

That is the radiance, the radiance of Your face.

Verse 2

Yesterday, drifted in foreign land,

but today I’ve found my way back home.

Riddled with wounds, unlike human,

I lament life is a dream.

Chorus 2

Your coming puts an end to afflicted life adrift.

I am no longer lost, I’m no longer wandering.

My home I’m now within. Now I see Your white robe.

That is the radiance, the radiance of Your face.


Many cycles of rebirth, so many years of waiting,

now the Almighty has come.

The lonely soul found its way, and it’s no longer sad.

A dream of thousands of years.

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