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99 My Heart Treasures God’s Word

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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99 My Heart Treasures God’s Word

1 You speak to lead me forward, my life now bears light. Your chastisement left me in fear, but I didn’t understand Your will. Your stern words revealed my nature, but I doubted and hurt You. Foolish am I, not knowing that Your word is life. I am able to come this far, all because of Your word. I shall work hard to put Your word into practice. If I leave Your word, I can’t have a change in my disposition, much less receive Your approval. Your word of life, Your kindness—they are my motivation.

2 Your word purifies man and gives life to man—only You are worthy of praise. Pain, hardship, oppression and capture, Your word sees me through it all. Though my flesh is in pain, You watch over me and protect me, and I experience Your love that is so real. Though the road ahead is rough and tortuous, I will always live by Your word. By understanding the truth, my disposition begins to change, all by Your grace. The judgment and the trials of Your word enable me to gain truth and life. Your judgment and chastisement, Your trials and refinement, they purify and change me.

3 You are the truth, the way and the life; Your word holds all things. You are the Savior and mankind needs all the words You express. I am today able to cast off my corruption and live in the light, all because Your word has saved me. You become flesh which shows Your deep and powerful love, Your word is so precious. No matter how great the trial or how grave the tribulation, I will remember well Your word. Your word is truth and life, it reveals Your almightiness and wisdom. Love is Your essence, righteous Your disposition, and I shall praise You forever. I see now Christ is the truth, the way, and the life; Christ is my one and only.

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