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700 All Who Truly Seek God Can Attain His Blessings

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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700 All Who Truly Seek God Can Attain His Blessings

1 How should people cooperate with God during this stage of His work? God is currently testing people. He is not uttering a word; He is concealing Himself and not directly contacting people. From the outside, it looks like He’s not working, but the truth is that He is still working within man. Anyone who is pursuing entry into life has a vision for their pursuit of life, and they do not have doubts even if they do not fully understand God’s work. In the midst of trials, even when you don’t know what God wants to do and what work He wants to accomplish, you should know that God’s intentions for mankind are always good. If you pursue Him with a true heart, He will never leave you, and in the end He will surely perfect you, and bring people to an appropriate destination.

2 Regardless of how God is currently testing people, there will be one day when He will provide people with an appropriate outcome and give them the appropriate retribution based on what they have done. God will not lead people to a certain point and then just cast them aside and ignore them. This is because He is a faithful God. For people to experience God’s work, they must first understand His current work and understand how mankind should cooperate. This is something that everyone should understand. You must believe when God’s work reaches a certain stage, no matter what He will not put all mankind to death. He gives both promises and blessings to mankind, and all those who pursue Him will be able to gain His blessings, while those who do not will be thrown out by God. This depends on your pursuit. You must believe that when God’s work is concluded, every single person will have a suitable destination.

Adapted from “You Should Maintain Your Devotion to God”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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