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1011 Do You Truly Understand God?

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1011 Do You Truly Understand God?

1 Do you dare say that you know God? Have you had dealings with God? Have you associated with Him? Do you know His disposition? Do you know what He likes? Do you know the things you do that offend His disposition? Do you know the corruptions in you He dislikes? Do you know through which people He reveals His righteous disposition? Do you know which people He detests? Do you know which of your problems He loathes the most? If you do not know the answers to such questions, it shows that you really have no understanding of God.

2 You say that you have seen God, yet you do not understand God’s joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness, you do not understand His disposition, nor do you understand His righteousness. You have no understanding of His mercifulness, and you do not know what He likes or what He loathes. This is not knowledge of God. If you know Him, understand Him, and are able to comprehend some of His will, then you can truly believe in Him, truly submit to Him, truly love Him, and truly worship Him.

Adapted from “How to Know God Incarnate” in Records of Christ’s Talks

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