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961 Understand Your True States to Understand Yourself

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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961 Understand Your True States to Understand Yourself

1 If people are to understand themselves, they must understand their true states. The most important aspect of understanding one’s own state is to have a grasp on one’s own thoughts and ideas. In every time period, people’s thoughts have been controlled by one major thing. If you can gain control over your thoughts, you can gain control over the things that are behind them. People cannot control their thoughts and ideas, but they do need to know where these thoughts and ideas come from, what the motives behind them are, how these thoughts and ideas are produced, what controls them, and what their nature is.

2 After your disposition has transformed, your thoughts and ideas, the desires your heart seeks after, and your viewpoints on the things you are pursuing—which have been produced from the parts of you that have transformed—will be different. Those thoughts and ideas that originate from the parts of you that have not changed, the things that you do not understand clearly, and the things which you have not replaced with the experiences of truth are filthy, dirty, and ugly. People nowadays, who have experienced God’s work for several years, have some sense and awareness of these matters. Those who have experienced God’s work for a short period of time do not yet understand these matters. They do not know where their Achilles’ heel is or in what areas it is easy that they will fall.

3 You do not currently know what kind of a person you are, and though other people can see to some extent what kind of a person you are, you cannot sense it. You cannot clearly distinguish your ordinary thoughts or intents, and you do not have a clear understanding of what the essence of these matters is. The deeper you understand an aspect, the more you will transform in that aspect; as such, the things you do will be in accordance with the truth, you will be able to meet God’s requirements, and you will be closer to the will of God. Only by seeking in this way can you obtain results.

Adapted from “People Who Always Have Requirements for God

Are the Least Reasonable”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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