796 The Effect of Understanding God’s Disposition

Verse 1

Knowing God’s essence is no small matter.

You must understand His disposition.

Then you will slowly know His essence.

This knowledge will take you to a higher state.

You will come to feel ashamed for your hideous soul,

with nowhere to hide from your shame.

Verse 2

Then in your conduct you’ll do fewer

things that offend God’s disposition.

Your heart will come closer to God’s own heart,

and slowly your heart will grow love for Him.

This is a sign of humanity

coming into a beautiful state.

Bridge 1

But you have not yet attained this.

You all rush about for your fate,

with no interest in God’s essence.

If you keep this up,

you will transgress against God’s decrees,

since you understand

so very little of God’s disposition.

Verse 3

Aren’t you now laying down a foundation

for you to offend God’s disposition?

God’s asking you to come to understand

His disposition doesn’t clash with His work,

for if you often act against His decrees,

who will escape His punishment?

Bridge 2

Wouldn’t God’s work be in vain then?

So this is the reason God asks you

to be mindful of your conduct,

be careful with the steps you take.

This is the higher demand

that God makes of you,

that should be considered earnestly.


Should a day come

when the things you do provoke rage in God,

the consequence will be yours alone,

with no one else to be punished in your place.

Adapted from The Word, Vol. 1. The Appearance and Work of God. It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition

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