447 What Is a Normal State?

Verse 1

In their normal state, people don’t sink or retreat.

Their hearts contemplate God.

They look up to Him, and yearn for His words.

They can pray often.

Verse 2

They carry a burden for their own lives.

They live normal lives.

Their lives have order,

and their hearts are able to touch God.

Verse 3

Things can happen that trouble their hearts,

but through prayer, eating and drinking God’s word,

through brothers’ and sisters’ fellowship,

they can return to feeling normal.


Though they have times of weakness,

times when they’re tempted by the flesh,

they can live free from this;

it will not occupy them.

Verse 4

They can quiet their hearts,

and pray to seek God’s will.

They sing hymns and dance, live the life of the church.

They never grow weary but carry on.


Sometimes they are negative, and the flesh is weak,

but once they see it, they can be freed from it.

They can still pray and stay close to God

in the midst of negativity.

This is a normal state.

Adapted from God’s Fellowship

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