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928 What Is a Normal State?

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928 What Is a Normal State?

1 In their normal state, people do not retreat or sink; they can contemplate God in their hearts, look up to God, and yearn for the words of God. They are able to pray often; they can remain close to God; they can have a burden for their own lives. They can live normal and ordered lives, and their hearts can touch God. There may sometimes come circumstances that trouble their hearts, but through prayer, by eating and drinking the words of God, or through fellowship with brothers and sisters, they can quickly turn their states around. Even though they have times of weakness, times when they are enthralled by the flesh, they can live free from this; they are not occupied by it.

2 When something befalls them, they may well experience the weakness of the flesh, but it will not exercise control over them. They will still be able to quiet their hearts and pray before God, seek God’s will, sing hymns, dance, and live the life of the church; of these practices, they will not grow weary; they will carry on. There will be times when they are negative, times when the flesh is weak, but once they recognize that, they can be freed from it. They can still pray to God and remain close to Him in the midst of negativity. All of these are what constitutes a normal condition, a normal state.

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