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626 Do You Understand God’s Attitude When He Takes Retribution on Man?

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626 Do You Understand God’s Attitude When He Takes Retribution on Man?

1 My work has been very helpful for you; what I hope to get from you is a heart that is honest and positive, but up until now My hands are still empty. Think about it: When one day I am still this bitter beyond words, what will My attitude toward you be? Will I be as friendly? Will My heart be as peaceful? Do you understand the feelings of a person who has painstakingly farmed but has not harvested a single grain? Do you understand how great the injury is of someone who has been dealt great blow? Can you taste the bitterness of a person full of hope who has to part with someone on bad terms? Have you seen the anger of a person who has been provoked? Can you know the feeling of revengeful urgency of a person who has been treated with hostility and deceitfulness?

2 If you understand the mentality of these people, I think it shouldn’t be difficult for you to imagine the attitude God will have at the time of His retribution. Finally, I hope you all put in serious effort for the sake of your own destination; nonetheless, you’d better not utilize deceitful means in your efforts, or I will still be disappointed with you in My heart. What does such disappointment lead to? Aren’t you fooling yourselves? Those who think of their destination yet ruin it are utterly unable to be saved. Even if such people become exasperated, who will sympathize with them? All in all, I’m still willing to wish for you to have a suitable and good destination. Even more so, I hope that none of you fall into disaster.

Adapted from “On Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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