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607 Who Can Escape the Coming of God’s Light?

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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607 Who Can Escape the Coming of God’s Light?

1 As mankind lies comatose, it is only through the peals of My thunder that human beings are aroused from their dreams. And when they open their eyes, many are hurt in the eye by these blasts of cold radiance, to the point of losing their sense of direction, and knowing not whence they come nor whither they are going. Most people are struck by the laser-like beams and as a result collapse in a heap under the tempest, their bodies swept away by the gushing torrents, leaving behind no trace. In the light, the survivors are finally able to see My face clearly, and only then do they come to know something of My external appearance, to the point where they no longer dare to look Me directly in the face, deeply fearful lest I visit My chastisement and curses once more upon their flesh.

2 How many people break down in uncontrollable sobbing? How many fall into despair? How many form rivers with their blood? How many become corpses drifting aimlessly this way and that? How many people, finding their own place in the light, feel the sudden pang of heartache and shed tears for their long years of unhappiness? How many people, under the ominous glare of the light, confess their uncleanness and resolve upon self-reformation? How many people, being blinded, have already lost the joy of living and in consequence have no mind to take notice of the light, and thus continue to stagnate, waiting for their end? And how many people are hoisting up the sails of life and, under the guidance of the light, eagerly anticipate their tomorrow. … Today, who among mankind does not exist in this state? Who does not exist within My light? Even if you are strong, or supposing you are weak, how can you avoid the coming of My light?

Adapted from “Chapter 13” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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