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390 God Judges and Cleanses Man With Words in the Last Days

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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390 God Judges and Cleanses Man With Words in the Last Days

Verse 1

The last days’ work is to speak words.

Great changes come to man from words,

and the changes are much greater

in people who accept these words,

greater than those who accepted signs

and wonders of the Age of Grace.

In that age demons were cast out

with laying on of hands and prayer,

Refrain 1

while man’s corruption still remained,

while man’s corruption still remained.

Verse 2

Man was healed, forgiven his sins,

but his corrupt disposition,

for how he would be purged of that,

this work still had yet to be done.

Man was saved because of his faith,

but his sinful nature still remained.

It was through the incarnate God

the sins of man were forgiven.

Refrain 2

But man still had sin within him.

But man still had sin within him.

Verse 3

After that stage of work was done,

the work of judgment still remained.

The word is used to make man pure

and give man a path in this stage.

Through sin offering man has been

forgiven for all of his sins,

for the work of crucifixion

has already come to an end.

Refrain 3

God has prevailed over Satan.

God has prevailed over Satan.


But the corrupt disposition

was still remaining within man.

Man could still sin and resist God,

and so God still has not gained man.

That’s why God in this stage

uses words to unmask

the corruptions of man,

so he’ll take the right path.

Verse 4

There is more meaning in this stage

and as well it is more fruitful,

for now the word supplies man’s life,

it allows man to be renewed.

It’s a more thorough stage of work.

God’s becoming flesh in last days

completes incarnation’s meaning

and God’s plan for man to be saved.

Refrain 4

The word makes man pure in last days.

The word makes man pure in last days.

Adapted from “The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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