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972 The Work of the Holy Spirit Has Its Principles

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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972 The Work of the Holy Spirit Has Its Principles

1 The work of the Holy Spirit has its principles, and it is conditional. In what kind of person does the Holy Spirit typically work? What must a person possess to obtain the work of the Holy Spirit? In one’s faith, one must clearly understand that at the very least one must have a conscience and an honest heart. Only once you have an honest heart—as well as the conscience and reason that humanity must contain–can the Holy Spirit work on you.

2 Have you figured out a pattern of how the Holy Spirit works? The Holy Spirit usually works on those whose hearts are honest, and He works when people get into trouble and are seeking truth. God will not pay heed to those who have no shred of human reason or conscience. What, then, should these people do? They must genuinely repent. First, your heart must open up to God, and you must seek truth from God; once you understand the truth, you can practice it. You can then submit to God’s arrangement and allow God to take charge of you. Only in this way will you be praised by God.

3 You must first set aside your own pride and vanity, and forgo your own interests. After that, put your entire body and soul into your duty and into the work of testifying for God. You must first surrender yourself, open your heart to God, and set aside the things that you love and treasure. If you continue to hold on to those things while making requests of God, will you be able to gain the work of the Holy Spirit? The work of the Holy Spirit is conditional, and God is a God who hates evil and who is holy. If people always hold on to these things, constantly closing themselves off to God and rejecting God’s work and guidance, then God will stop working on them. So, those without human reason or conscience must genuinely repent, or else the Holy Spirit will not work on them.

Adapted from “You Can Obtain Truth

After Turning Your True Heart Over to God”

in Records of Christ’s Talks

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