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254 We Worship You, Almighty God Incarnate

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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254 We Worship You, Almighty God Incarnate

1 God has become flesh in the last days to express the truth, and to judge and purify man. Like a sharp sword, His words pierce our hearts and spirits, showing us the truth of man’s profound corruption by Satan. We are arrogant, conceited, crafty, deceitful, selfish, and greedy in nature. Our conscience, our sense and our dignity are lost, we lack any semblance of man. We bow down upon the ground, beset by remorse, and we confess and repent to God. Almighty God, Your words conquer and purify us. By understanding the truth, we cast off our satanic dispositions. Thank You for Your love! You save us from Satan’s influence, we worship You!

2 God incarnate has suffered immense shame to save man. In silence, He has endured much persecution and hardship, much sneering and slander. Hidden and humble, He personally waters, provides for and leads His people. Much anxiety and worry has He suffered over our growth in life. He patiently tolerates our rebelliousness, and does His utmost to save us. God’s love and righteous disposition have taken root within our hearts. Almighty God, Your hiddenness and humility are so lovely! Your words have become our life, thank You for Your love! Almighty God incarnate, we praise You and worship You!

3 God’s almightiness and wisdom transcend the heavens and are unfathomable to all. He uses the great red dragon as a foil to serve His perfection of His people. After experiencing adversity, persecution, and pain, we behold the true face of the demon king. We loathe the devilish CCP, and will be loyal to God unto death and bear testimony to Him. In this evil age, we are certain that Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. We follow the footsteps of the Lamb and will testify to God’s righteous and holy disposition forever. Almighty God, Your work is wise, almighty, and so wondrous. You have made a group of overcomers, You have defeated Satan and gained glory. You are the truth, the way and the life, and we will praise You forever!

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