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Your Character Is So Lowly!

The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Your Character Is So Lowly!

You are all sitting in elegant seats, teaching those of younger generations who are of your kind, having them sit with you. How could you not know that those “children” of yours were already without breath, and that they did not have My work long ago? My glory shines from the land of the East to the land of the West, but when My glory spreads to the ends of the earth and when it begins to arise and shine, I will take away the glory of the East and bring it to the West so that these people of darkness in the East who have abandoned Me will be without the shining of the light from then on. At that time, you will live in the valley of shadow. Although people today are a hundred times better than before, they still cannot meet My requirements, and they still are not a glorious testimony to Me. That you are able to be a hundred times better than before is entirely the outcome of My work—it is the fruit borne from My work on earth. However, I still feel disgust toward your words and deeds, and your character, and I feel incredible resentment toward your actions in front of Me, for you do not have any understanding of Me. So how can you become the living out of My glory, and how can you be utterly loyal to My future work? Your faith is very beautiful; you say that you are willing to dedicate your life to My work, to do anything and everything for it, but your disposition has not changed much. There have only been arrogant words, and your actual actions are very wretched. It seems that one’s tongue and lips are in heaven but one’s legs are far away on earth, so his words and deeds and his reputation are still in terrible condition. Your reputation has been destroyed, your bearing is degrading, your way of speaking is lowly, your life is despicable, and even all of your humanity is lowly. You are narrow-minded toward people and you haggle over every little thing. You quarrel over your own reputation and status, even to the point that you’re willing to descend into hell, into the lake of fire. Your current words and deeds are enough that I can determine that you are sinful. Your attitude toward My work is enough for Me to determine that you are unrighteous ones, and all of your dispositions are enough to say that you are filthy souls that are full of abominations. Your manifestations and what you reveal are adequate to say that you are people who have drunk enough of the blood of unclean spirits. When entering the kingdom is spoken of you do not betray your feelings. Do you believe that the way you are now is adequate for you to enter into the gate of My kingdom of heaven? Do you believe that you can obtain entry into the holy land of My work and words without your words and deeds undergoing My testing? Who is able to successfully fool My two eyes? How could your despicable, lowly behaviors and conversations escape My sight? Your lives have been determined by Me as lives of drinking the blood of those unclean spirits and eating the flesh of those unclean spirits because you take on their appearance in front of Me every day. Before Me your behavior was particularly bad, so how could I not feel disgusted? In what you say there are the impurities of unclean spirits: You deceive, conceal, and flatter just like those who carry out sorcery, like those who deceive and drink the blood of the unrighteous. All of mankind’s manifestations are very unrighteous, so how can all people be placed in the holy land where the righteous are? Do you think that that despicable behavior of yours can distinguish you as holy from those unrighteous ones? That serpent-like tongue of yours will eventually ruin the flesh of yours that wreaks destruction and carries out abominations, and those hands of yours that are covered with the blood of unclean spirits will also eventually pull your soul into hell, so why do you not leap on this opportunity to cleanse your hands that are covered with filth? And why do you not take advantage of this opportunity to cut out that tongue of yours that speaks unrighteous words? Could it be that you are willing to suffer under the flames of hell for your two hands and your tongue and lips? I keep watch over all people’s hearts with My two eyes because long before I created mankind, I had grasped their hearts within My hands. I long ago saw through man’s heart, so how could the thoughts in man’s heart escape My eyes? And how could they be in time to escape the burning of My Spirit?

Your lips are kinder than pigeons but your heart is more sinister than the ancient serpent, even your lips are as beautiful as a Lebanese woman, but your heart is not as kind as that of the Lebanese women and it certainly cannot compare to the beauty of that of Canaanites. Your heart is too deceitful! What I loathe is only the lips of the unrighteous and the hearts of the unrighteous. My requirements of people are no higher than the saints, it is just that I feel loathing for the evil deeds of the unrighteous and I hope that the unrighteous may be able to cast off their filthiness and escape from their current predicament so that they can be differentiated from those unrighteous ones, and live with and be holy with those who are righteous. You are in the same circumstances as I am, but you are covered with filth, there isn’t even a little of the likeness of the humans created in the beginning in you, and because every day you imitate the likeness of those unclean spirits and you do what they do and say what they say, every part of you and even your tongues and lips are soaked in their foul water. It’s to the point that you are entirely covered with those stains and there isn’t a single part that can be used for My work. It’s so heartbreaking! You live in such a world of horses and cattle yet you actually do not feel troubled; and you are full of joy and you live freely and easily. You are swimming around in this foul water but actually do not know that you have fallen into these kinds of circumstances. Every day you consort with unclean spirits and have dealings with “excrement.” Your life is very lowly, yet you do not know that you absolutely are not surviving in the human world and that you are not within your own grasp. Do you not know that your life was long ago trampled by unclean spirits, that your character was long ago sullied by foul water? Do you think you are living in the earthly paradise, that you are in the midst of happiness? Do you not know that you have lived a life with unclean spirits, and that you have lived a life with everything that they have prepared for you? How could your living have any meaning? How could your life have any value? You have been busily running around for your unclean spirit parents, until now, yet you do not know that those who entrap you are those unclean spirits, your parents who gave birth to you and raised you. Moreover, you do not know that your filth was actually all given to you by them; all you know is that they can give you “enjoyment,” they do not chastise you, nor do they judge you, and they particularly do not curse you. They have never erupted in rage at you, but they treat you affably and kindly. Their words nourish your heart and captivate you so that you become disoriented and without realizing it, you are sucked in and willing to be of service to them, be their outlet as well as their servant. You have no complaints at all but are willing to be at their disposal—you are deceived by them. For this reason, you have absolutely no reaction to the work that I do—no wonder you always want to secretly slip out from My hands, and no wonder you always want to use sweet words to finagle My favor. It turns out you already had another plan, another arrangement. You can see a bit of My, the Almighty’s actions, but you do not know a shred of My judgment and chastisement. You do not know when My chastisement began; you only know how to cheat Me, but you do not know that I do not tolerate the violation by man. Since you have already set your determination to serve Me, I will not let you go. I am a God who hates evil, and I am a God who is jealous of man. Since you have already placed your words upon the altar, I will not tolerate you running off before My very eyes, and I will not tolerate you serving two masters. Did you think that you could have another love after you placed your words upon My altar, after you placed them in front of My eyes? How could I allow people to make a fool of Me that way? Did you think that you could casually make vows, make oaths to Me with your tongue? How could you swear oaths by the throne of Me, the Most High? Did you think that your oaths had already passed away? I tell you, even if your fleshes pass away, your oaths cannot pass away. At the end, I will condemn you based upon your oaths. Yet you think that you can place your words in front of Me to cope with Me and that your hearts can serve unclean spirits and evil spirits. How could My wrath tolerate those dog-like, pig-like people who cheat Me? I must carry out My administrative decrees, and wrest back from the hands of unclean spirits all of those stuffy, “pious” ones who believe in Me to “wait on” Me in an orderly fashion, to be My ox, to be My horse and be at the mercy of My slaughtering. I will have you pick up your previous determination and serve Me once again. I will not tolerate any one of creation to cheat Me. Did you think that you could just wantonly make requests and wantonly lie in front of Me? Did you think that I had not heard or seen your words and deeds? How could your words and deeds not be in My view? How could I allow people to cheat Me that way?

I have been among you, associating with you for several springs and falls, I have lived among you for a long time, have lived with you—how much of your despicable behavior has slipped away right in front of My eyes? Those heartfelt words of yours are constantly echoing in My ears; millions and millions of your aspirations have been laid upon My altar—they cannot even be counted. Yet as for your dedication and what you expend, there is not even a little bit. There is not even a little drop of your sincerity upon My altar. Where are the fruits of your belief in Me? You have received endless grace from Me and you have seen endless mysteries from heaven, and I have even shown you the flames of heaven but I have not had the heart to burn you, and how much have you given to Me in return? How much are you willing to give to Me? Holding the food that I gave to you, you turn around and offer it to Me, even saying that it was something you got in return for the sweat of your own hard work, that you are offering all that you have to Me. How can you not know that your “contributions” to Me are all things that have been stolen from My altar? And now you are offering that to Me—aren’t you cheating Me? How can you not know that what I am enjoying today is all the offerings on My altar, and not what you have earned in return for your hard work and then offered up to Me? You actually dare to cheat Me this way, so how can I pardon you? How can I endure this any longer? I have given everything to you. I have opened everything up to you, provided for your needs, and opened up your eyes, yet you cheat Me this way, ignoring your conscience. I have selflessly bestowed everything upon you, so that even though you suffer, you have gained from Me everything I have brought from heaven. But you have no dedication at all, and even if you have a tiny contribution, you settle up with Me after that. Won’t your contribution amount to nothing? What you have given to Me is nothing but a single grain of sand, but what you have asked for from Me is a ton of gold. Aren’t you just being unreasonable? I work among you. There is absolutely no trace of the ten percent that I should gain, let alone any additional sacrifices. What’s more, the ten percent contributed by those who are godly is seized by the wicked. Are you not all dispersed from Me? Are you not all antagonistic with Me? Are you not all destroying My altar? How could this type of person be seen as a treasure in My eyes? Aren’t they swine, dogs that I loathe? How could I refer to your evildoing as a treasure? Who is My work actually for? Could it be that it’s just to strike down all of you to reveal My authority? Aren’t your lives all held by a single word from Me? Why is it that I am only using words to instruct you and I have not turned words into facts to strike you down as soon as possible? Are My words and My work just to strike down mankind? Am I a God who indiscriminately kills the innocent? Right now, how many of you are there in front of Me who are seeking the right path of human life with their whole beings? It is just your bodies that are in front of Me, but your hearts are at large, and are far, far away from Me. Because you do not know what My work actually is, there are a number of you who want to depart from Me, who distance themselves from Me, and want to live in that paradise where there is no chastisement, no judgment. Isn’t this what people wish for in their heart? I certainly am not compelling you. Whatever path you take is your own choice, and the path of today goes along with judgment and curse, but you should all know that what I have bestowed upon you, whether it be judgment or chastisement, they are all the best gifts I can give to you, and they are all things that you urgently need.

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