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275 God’s Love Has Melted My Heart

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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275 God’s Love Has Melted My Heart

1 O God! I have heard Your voice and returned before You. Your words reveal and judge me, and I have seen how profoundly corrupt I am. I believed in the Lord merely to be rewarded, I suffered in return for the blessings of the kingdom of heaven. So many times I refused Your salvation; I even made judgment about You and opposed You. Still You forgave me, yet I brought You so much pain. I despised how hard my heart was, and how devoid of humanity I was.

2 O God! The judgment of Your words has awoken my heart. Many times, faced with Your love, it has been filled with pain and regret. During my chastisement, You are by my side; during my refinement, Your heart aches for me. Your words provide for what I lack; when I am sad, Your words comfort me. I am so filthy and corrupt, and I am deeply aware that I am not fit for Your love. S0 disobedient and rebellious, I should even more accept Your judgment and cleansing.

3 O God! Your incarnation reveals Your love. You endure immense humiliation to save mankind. You suffer the pain of mankind’s rejection, but You never complain about the desolation of the world. You speak and work, enduring all manner of persecution, with no place to rest Your head. You’ve never enjoyed family happiness. No one offers You the slightest warmth. Humble and hidden, You express the truth just to purify and gain people.

4 O God! Patiently You await man’s repentance—how could I delay any longer? I have now experienced Your love and I shall be considerate of Your will. I am willing to endure trials and refinement, and stand witness to satisfy You. Your love has melted my heart, I will truly love You and live for You. I have resolved to pursue the truth and live by Your words. I will love You, follow You and bear witness for You forever.

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