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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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276 Only God Is Best

1 All God’s words are the truth, what He says and does is all righteous. When we encounter things at odds with our conceptions, seek the truth. Corrupt humanity should accept God’s judgment and chastisement. Experience God’s words and enter into the reality of the truth to meet His will. Let go of all sorrows, look up to God and practice the truth. Bolster our resolve to imitate Peter, and bear resounding witness.

2 Undergoing the judgment of God’s words, I’ve seen how deeply corrupted by Satan I am. I’m arrogant, crooked and deceitful, I really have no human likeness. After accepting judgment and knowing myself, I’ve truly repented. God’s immense love is hidden behind His judgment and chastisement. Getting a taste of God’s disposition that tolerates no offense, I revere God from my heart. Forsaking the flesh and practicing the truth, I feel God is even closer.

3 Persecution, hardship, trials befall, we must glorify and bear witness to God. Through life or in death, created beings should submit to God’s rule. Undergoing hardships and suffering we hate Satan even more; only God is lovely. Risk our lives to shame Satan, bear victorious witness. Light afflictions, which are but transitory, are repaid with the truth and life. All God does is love to man, and we firmly believe it, without any doubt. Let’s raise our voices and sing; only God is best! We will praise God’s holiness and righteousness forever!

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