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203 God’s Word Is the Light

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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203 God’s Word Is the Light

1 Lightning from the East woke me from my slumber, and through my haze I saw God’s word appearing in the flesh. The words of judgment and chastisement conquered and saved me. Setbacks, failures, trials, and tribulations tore me to pieces. My corruption was revealed; arrogant though I was, I lowered my head. I only knew my unworthiness by seeing my extreme filthiness. Thinking of my status and past debts, how could I, a mean, base, and corrupt person, be worthy of serving God? Through many setbacks and failures, I came to understand God’s will. Judgment, chastisement, trials and refinement—they cleansed my corruption away. Knowing God’s righteous disposition is such a great blessing. I am a new person, I live out a human likeness, and I’ll be forever grateful to God’s love.

2 God in the flesh is the Savior come again. Through judgment, tribulations and trials, I have come face to face with God. I have tasted salvation and known the practical God. The living hell of darkness has allowed me to be more clear what to hate and what to love. Enlightened and illuminated by God’s words, I understand the mysteries of life. Mankind’s corrupt flesh is Satan incarnate. That I can love and witness God is His exceptional exaltation. Repaying His love is my heart’s only desire. God’s judgment and chastisement are so meaningful and they reveal God’s love. To obey and love God with a reverent heart is my duty. My bounden duty is to bear witness and be faithful to God. I will offer up all of myself to carry out His will, for His glory. God’s words purify and save me, allowing me to live out a real life. Through the judgment of God I am cleansed, and I shall love God and bear witness to Him forever.

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