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170 Pursuing the Truth Is So Meaningful

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170 Pursuing the Truth Is So Meaningful

1 People have been too profoundly corrupted by Satan, they lack any human semblance. Arrogance, deceitfulness, selfishness, ignobility—these are all the faces of Satan. As people have the nature of Satan, they must accept God’s judgment. Only when they gain the truth and the life, can there be a change in their disposition. Belief in God and obedience to God’s work is the law of Heaven and principle of earth. Loving the truth is key to entering into life. Entry into reality is only through understanding and practicing the truth. When people believe in God, the ability to love and obey God is paramount.

2 All of the words expressed by Christ are the truth and the life. Practicing and experiencing God’s words is the basis of faith in God. Experiencing the judgment of God’s words allows me to know myself. Judgment, trials, and refinement cleanse my corruption. That God rewards good and punishes evil shows He is righteous and holy. To lack the reality of the truth is to fall prey to disaster. How foolish and blind it is, to not accept the judgment of God’s words. Realizing this, when punished and on the brink of death, is too late.

3 Christ of the last days brings the way of everlasting life. The value and significance of the truth is unfathomable to all. Life cannot be gained without experiencing God’s judgment and chastisement. A meaningful existence comes from faith in God, and pursuit of the truth and the life. True human life is only through gaining the truth. God determines people’s ends based on whether they possess the truth. God’s actions are entirely righteous, and should not be doubted by man. The great catastrophe shall destroy all that is of Satan. Those who have gained the truth shall forever remain in God’s kingdom.

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