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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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124 Always Follow God

1 I hear God’s voice, return before Him, accepting the shepherding and watering of His words. I experience judgment, trials and refinement, I suffer great pain and my corruption is being cleansed. By experiencing setbacks and failures, pain and suffering, and being tempered many times, my heart that loves God is stronger. God is righteous, God’s heart is good. My heart reveres Him and can’t bear to part from Him.

2 We follow God, we’ll always follow God. We accept judgment, seek to change, strive ever onward, so we can cast off corruption, have a changed disposition and live out a human likeness. I’ve experienced that God’s judgment is love, it is His great salvation. We follow God, we’ll always follow God. Extravagant desires, bargaining and impurities are no more. We loyally fulfill our duties to complete our mission. God is comforted, His heart is satisfied, and we have enjoyment in our spirits.

3 Man is dust, small and humble, yet we attain God’s salvation, live out human dignity. Through judgment and chastisement, God’s love is there with us. To make our dispositions change, God personally perfects us. There is no life in merely enjoying grace. If one cannot gain the truth, then all will be empty in the end. The life of man is gone in the blink of an eye, loving God transcends all. Bear good witness and we will have no regrets in this life.

4 We follow God, we’ll always follow God. No matter how rough the road to the kingdom, I won’t turn back. Through oppression and adversity, God’s words guide me and my faith increases a hundredfold. We follow closely in God’s footsteps and work hard to move forward, we love God and will never turn back. We follow God, we’ll always follow God. To save mankind, God dedicates His life and gives His all. God’s true love has really taken hold of our hearts. We’ll follow God forever, we’ll always follow God and never turn back.

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