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193 The Song of Kind Warning

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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193 The Song of Kind Warning

1 Christ is victorious. By following God and gaining truth, you walk the path of life. By seeking theology and preaching theory, you harm both others and yourself. Preaching doctrine and clinging to the rules shows that you have no reality. By shouting slogans and not practicing, you are clearly cheating God. Vying for status and seeking the limelight is arrogant and self-righteous. By following your own desires and violating the truth, you defy God. By harboring notions and resisting God in your heart, you set yourself against Him. Having no discernment and heeding everyone makes you such a fool. Worshiping man and following man makes you an unbeliever. You can achieve nothing by relying on your gifts and depending on yourself. Only fearing God and shunning evil makes you wise. By performing your duty with principle, you gain God’s praise. Oh, Christ is the truth forever.

2 Christ is victorious. Honest people are not slipshod in their duties. Deceitful people may make some effort, but they have no loyalty. With a good heart and performing good deeds, God will surely save you. With a malicious heart and bad humanity, God will surely expose you. By seeking grace and refusing to be judged, you truly betray God. By practicing God’s words and possessing reality, God will surely bless you. Creating division and deceiving people are the deeds of Satan. Establishing yourself and making others submit to you is so incredibly arrogant. Ensnaring others and setting up your own kingdom makes you an evil demon and antichrist. Following God and living by His words makes you truly wise. Bearing testimony to God and exalting God is true service. Loving God and practicing the truth is Peter’s path of success. Oh, Christ is the truth forever.

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