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Question 5: Why is it said that corrupt mankind must be saved by God incarnate? This is something that most people don’t understand—please share fellowship on this.

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Question 5: Why is it said that corrupt mankind must be saved by God incarnate? This is something that most people don’t understand—please share fellowship on this.


Why must corrupt mankind be saved by God incarnate? Because people’s flesh has been deceived and corrupted by Satan and the whole of mankind lives under Satan’s domain and does not know good and bad, beauty and ugliness, does not know what negative things are or what positive things are. They all live based on Satan’s philosophy, laws and nature and are arrogant and conceited, assert supremacy over all, do as they wish and are absolutely lawless. They have completely become Satan’s embodiment and have become so corrupt that they join together with the evil forces of Satan and resist God and yet still do not know it. God is the Lord of Creation. Only God knows people’s essence like the palm of His hand and is most clear about how corrupt mankind is. Only God can dissect and expose people’s satanic nature and corrupt disposition and can tell people how they should live and how they should be a human being, and can totally conquer, cleanse and save people. Besides God, no created being can see through mankind’s corrupt essence and give people the truth of being a human being. So if God wishes to completely save corrupt mankind from Satan’s hands, only through God incarnate’s own expression of the truth and of God’s disposition, through telling people all the truths that they should possess and letting people understand the truth and have knowledge of God and see clearly Satan’s trickery and various heresies and fallacies can people betray and renounce Satan and completely return to God. Moreover, the work of God incarnate itself is a revelation of all kinds of people because people are all arrogant and conceited and do not obey anyone. When God incarnate expresses the truth, people will certainly develop all kinds of notions and resistance and even battles. The truth of corrupt mankind’s resistance to God and betrayal of God is completely revealed here. God will judge mankind based on the manifestations of their corruption and the essence of their nature. Only then will it be in the interest of God conquering, saving and perfecting people. This is how people are gradually conquered and cleansed by the word of God in the judgment of the word of God. Only once people have been completely conquered can they begin to submit to God incarnate, begin to receive and obey God’s judgment and chastisement, experience God’s work, start to set their minds to pursuing the truth and no longer live according to Satan’s philosophy and law. When people live completely according to the word of God, God will completely defeat Satan and corrupt mankind will become the trophy of God’s defeating of Satan. This is equivalent to God taking corrupt mankind back from Satan’s hands. Only the work of God incarnate can achieve such an outcome. This is necessity for the incarnation of God to save mankind and only the incarnation of God can completely conquer and save mankind. If God uses people, it is absolutely not possible to do the work of redeeming and saving mankind.

Corrupt mankind certainly needs God incarnate to carry out judgment and cleansing face to face so that they may achieve salvation. The incarnation of God can let people know and understand God face to face during the process of His contact with mankind, and those people who are truly in pursuit of the truth, because they have accepted the judgment and cleansing of Christ of the last days, will naturally learn the lesson of obeying God and develop a God-loving heart and will thoroughly be saved by God from under Satan’s influence. Is this not the best way for God to save and perfect people? It is because God is incarnated that mankind has the chance to come face to face with God and experience God’s real work and have the chance to attain the provision of God’s precise words and God’s direct shepherding and watering and gradually achieve reliance on and obedience toward God and truly love God. If it was not for the work of God incarnate saving mankind, it would not be possible to achieve this real outcome. …

God incarnate coming to save corrupt mankind can use mankind’s language to clearly tell people what God demands of mankind and what God’s will, God’s disposition and all that God has and is are. People do not need to grope around and seek, but can correctly understand what God’s will is and know God’s demands and ways of practice and can also actually understand and know God. Like in the Age of Grace, “Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus said to him, I say not to you, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven” (See Mat 18:21-22). From this, we see that the incarnate Lord Jesus can support and feed people anytime and anywhere and give people the most real and the most specific supply. In the last days, when Almighty God, God incarnate, comes amongst people, and expresses the truth aimed at people’s actual circumstances, expresses God’s disposition and all that He has and is to support people and provide for people, He points out the deviations and faults in people’s faith and tells people what God’s will and demands of people are and gives people the most real and correct life supply and sustenance. For example, when we live in a state where we resist and disobey God and are not yet aware, God’s words reveal and judge us directly and let us see our satanic nature in enmity with God; when we follow God based on a harbored intention to be blessed and still think that this is correct, God reveals our flaws and tells us what views we should have to believe in God. When we experience judgment and misunderstand God, the word of God tells us of how much thought has been put into God saving and judging people and resolves our misunderstandings of God, etcetera. All of God’s chosen people deeply appreciate that God incarnate is readily available to help and supply us so that we need not grope and seek, but just need to read the words of Almighty God to be able to attain God’s most real sustenance and watering. In the words God expresses, we have some true knowledge of God’s will, God’s disposition and what God has and is. Only in this way can we know how we should pursue to be able to live out a true life and have insight into Satan’s tricks and clearly see how deeply corrupted we are by Satan and gradually be free from sin and Satan’s dark influence and achieve changes to our life disposition and embark on the true path in life and live out the reality of the truth. All of these outcomes are brought to us by God incarnate.

God incarnate comes to work and speak to let people get the most real supply and sustenance. Although people have many notions about God incarnate coming to do judgment work, He has given mankind the way of life and eternal salvation and has become something that people are loath to not rely upon. … God incarnate of the last days who comes to save and perfect people is an ordinary normal Son of man, with no extraordinary grace, no lofty image and no miraculous signs, so people have so many notions about Christ. They all deny, resist and reject Him. However, the truths that Christ expresses and the judgment work that He does provide people with God’s words and let them gain the truth and completely see the appearance of God. Although we have not seen the real person of God, we have seen God’s inherent disposition and God’s holy essence, which is just like seeing God’s real person and seeing God vividly living amongst us and we have truly felt that we have indeed been brought before the throne and have experienced God’s work face to face and enjoyed the supply of living water that has run out from the throne. As we experience God’s judgment work of the last days, we gradually understand how much thought has gone into God saving people and see how God has suffered to save mankind and how great the price is that He has paid, that all that God does for us is love and salvation and we all hate that we were too rebellious and unreasonable in the past and will have true love and obedience for God. Having experienced until today, we all truly realize that the changes we can experience today are completely the salvation of God incarnate. Christ of the last days is indeed the greatest salvation of corrupt mankind and the only way for people to know God and get God’s approval.

from Classic Questions and Answers on the Gospel of the Kingdom

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