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594 The Flesh Can Ruin Your Destination

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594 The Flesh Can Ruin Your Destination

1 If people can truly fully understand the right path of human life as well as the purpose of God’s management of mankind, they would not hold their individual future and destiny as a treasure in their heart. They would no longer wish to serve their “parents” who are worse than pigs and dogs. They should all have a thorough grasp of what they should enter into, and they should particularly sort out what should be entered into during the tribulation, and what they should be equipped with in the trial of fire. Do not always serve your flesh that is like pigs and dogs, and is worse than ants and bugs. What is the point of agonizing over it, thinking so hard, racking your brains?

2 The flesh does not belong to you, but is in the hands of God who not only controls you but also commands Satan. You are living under the torment of the flesh, but does the flesh belong to you? Is it under your control? Why bother racking your brains over it? Why bother obsessively pleading with God for your putrid flesh which has long been condemned and cursed, as well as defiled by the unclean spirits? Why bother always holding the associates of Satan close to your heart? Do you not worry that the flesh may ruin your real future, wonderful hopes, and the true destination for your life?

Adapted from “The Purpose of Managing Mankind”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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