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Breaking Through the Fog to See the Light



I am an ordinary worker. At the end of November, 2013, a coworker saw that my wife and I would always make a lot of noise about little things, that every day we were worried and distressed, so he passed on the work of Almighty God in the last days to us. From the word of Almighty God, we have learned that the heavens and earth and all things were created by God, and that man’s life is bestowed on him by God. We have also understood the truth of the mystery of the six-thousand-year management plan, the mystery of the incarnation, God’s three stages of work in saving mankind, the significance of God’s work of judgment in the last days, and other respects. My wife and I thought that happening upon God incarnate having come to save mankind during our lifetimes was a great blessing. We happily accepted God’s work in the last days, and led a church life. Under the guidance of the word of God, we both pursued the truth to transform ourselves, and whenever something happened and we started to argue, we wouldn’t just find fault with each other like we used to, but rather we would reflect on ourselves and try to know ourselves. After that, we acted in a way that forsook the flesh in accordance with God’s demands, and our marital relations became better and better, and our hearts became peaceful and steady. We felt that believing in God was truly good. However, while we were joyous and happy to follow God, when we were enjoying the blessed life, we were faced with a violent attack coming from our families…. Just when I was losing my way, it was the word of God that guided me to see through Satan’s scheme, and to break through the fog and enter onto the radiant and correct path for life.

When I had just retired in February of 2014, my daughter-in-law got us two elderly folks to travel to Sichuan to babysit our grandson. Unwilling to go to their house, I prayed to God: “Almighty God! My daughter-in-law has asked me to babysit our grandson, but I’m not used to life in that place, and it’s not convenient to believe in God or read the word of God in that place. I hope You will open up a way out for us….” Not long after that, my daughter-in-law called me again to say that she would bring my grandson to us. When I heard this news I was overjoyed, and felt how almighty God is. God heard my prayer and opened up a way out for me. Before too many days had passed, my daughter-in-law and her parents brought over my grandson. As it happened, the day after that I was going to a gathering, and I told them that I believed in Almighty God. After hearing this, my daughter-in-law said unhappily, “Dad, how can you believe in Almighty God? I’m sure you know that the government doesn’t allow people to believe in Almighty God, and in recent years they have been arresting believers in Almighty God. You can’t continue to believe in Him.” I refuted her by saying, “When we believe in God, we don’t participate in politics. We just attend gatherings, read the word of God, pursue the truth, and follow the right path. How can they not let us believe?” My daughter-in-law said, “No matter what you say, and even if believing in God is the right path, as long as the government opposes it, you can’t believe in Him!” I thought to myself, “No matter what you say, it is the true God who I believe in. Even if the CCP government doesn’t allow it, I will still believe.” Later, my daughter-in-law went and found my wife and urged her that we shouldn’t believe in God…. Afterward, my son in faraway Sichuan called me up and said, “Dad, I heard you believe in Almighty God. That’s something the CCP opposes, so you can’t believe in Him anymore.” When I heard my son say this, I felt perturbed in my heart: Believing in God is the law of heaven for me, so why are you all trying to block me from it over and over? It’s so hard to believe in God and follow the correct path! I then prayed silently to God to guard me so I could resist the disturbances of my son and daughter-in-law. After praying, my heart gradually became tranquil. Although my son and daughter-in-law did not understand, I was clear that my faith in God and following the correct path was not mistaken, and that I could not be influenced by them. After three days, my daughter-in-law hurriedly came running home, and I saw that she had two stacks of something printed in her hands. She urged me to look at them quickly, and when I looked I saw that they were filled with rumors and falsehoods of the CCP government vilifying, condemning, and defaming The Church of Almighty God. For a moment I felt some confusion in my heart, and I thought: “It can’t be, I’ve been attending meetings for several months and I’ve never seen any brothers or sisters missing arms or legs! Why does the CCP government want to spread rumors and defamation about The Church of Almighty God? What is really going on here?” In the evening that day, I couldn’t sleep because I kept turning this over in my mind. “Alas! The CCP government is trying to persecute me, and my son and daughter-in-law are also trying so forcefully to block me, so what should I do?”

The next day, I went out for a stroll in the neighborhood, and also saw these rumors slandering and condemning Almighty God posted on a bulletin board. I thought: What I believe in is the true God, so why does the CCP government oppose it in this way? It seems that in the atheistic state controlled by the CCP government, believing in God really isn’t an easy thing! … When I thought about this, I felt some weakness in my heart, and I returned home downcast and dejected. Just when I got home, my daughter-in-law said to me again, “Dad, I’m begging you to give up your faith. If the government finds out that you believe in God, I won’t be able to keep my job, and your son who will soon get his doctorate won’t even be able to find a job. Even your little grandson might get caught up in this, and it’s possible that in the future he won’t be able to attend school.” When I heard this, I thought it was a disaster. Believing in God can even involve the future of one’s children! I got more and more scared, and I knew that the CCP government’s ways of disciplining and punishing people are extremely cruel, so cruel that you could say that “they kill people without batting an eye.” I also thought it wouldn’t be easy for me to make my son graduate with his doctorate, and now what will I do if believing in God even gets my son involved? The price I would pay for believing in God and following the right path is too high. Better to just forget about it. Then, my daughter-in-law threatened me, saying, “My dad said that if you continue to believe in God, he will report you to the police. You know that my dad is a party secretary, and has given more than thirty years of his life to them. He hears and obeys whatever the CCP wants. He’s as good as his word, and this isn’t just to try to scare you.” The defenses in my heart then completely collapsed and toppled over, and I felt that it was too hard to believe in God, that the pressure was too much. With my son and daughter-in-law attacking me like this, if they really wanted to report me to the CCP government to be arrested and imprisoned, an old man like me could not bear such a thing. Forget it, it’s better to just give up my belief. After that, I didn’t attend gatherings anymore, and sisters came to my house looking for me several times and I always hid so they couldn’t find me.

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