You have testified that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus and that He has expressed many words. But in South Korea there are some people who fake the returned Lord Jesus. They have also said some words and also wrote some books. Some have also gained followers. I would like to listen to what you think about how to distinguish the words of these false Christs.

February 22, 2021

Answer: Knowing how to distinguish between the true Christ and false Christs is crucial to being able to receive the return of the Lord. Only those who can distinguish between the true Christ and false Christs can accept God’s work of the last days and be raptured before His throne. Those who cannot distinguish between the true Christ and false Christs are foolish virgins and will ultimately be abandoned and eliminated by God. The key to discerning false Christs is to see through their essence. False Christs are possessed by evil spirits, so their essence is evil spirits. False Christs don’t have any reality of truth whatsoever. All their words are lies, nonsense, fallacious words, words that invert black and white. They know that people all worship Bible knowledge and want to understand the mysteries of the Bible, so they take advantage of this psychology to misinterpret the Bible and take it out of context to use all kinds of strange talk and absurd arguments to deceive people. Their fallacies sound very strange and very novel, as though their explanations of the Bible are so profound and mysterious. Can this prove that their words are the truth? Then just what is the truth? The truth is what God has and is. It is the reality of all positive things and represents God’s disposition. The truth can make people know God and the truth can be their life. It can save, cleanse, change and perfect people. False Christs explain the Bible with strange talk and absurd arguments—how can that be the truth? Can it perfect and change people? Can it make people know and obey God? Can it make people discern Satan and despise Satan? Can it make people break free from Satan’s dark influences? If their words cannot achieve the actual effect of making people’s lives grow, then they are regarded as fallacies, heresies, and lies. God’s work is practical. The incarnate Almighty God of the last days expresses all truths to save mankind. These truths can make people know God and can make people break free from Satan’s influence to achieve salvation, become people who obey and worship God, and can make people live out the likeness of a real person and a meaningful life. This is God’s work. If what people believe in and follow is truly the Christ, God in the flesh, then after believing in God for 8 or 10 years or so they will naturally understand a lot of truths. Their faith, love, and obedience toward God should all gradually increase, and their life disposition should also achieve some changes. Only these effects can prove that what man believes in is Christ and the true God. There are many people who have believed in false Christs for 8 or 10 years and not received any truth at all, they have no real knowledge of the true God, and moreover they have no faith, no love and no obedience toward God. Haven’t such people been tricked and deceived?

False Christs and all kinds of evil spirits are not possessed of the truth and cannot do God’s work at all. The words of Almighty God express God’s disposition and what God has and is. They cannot be spoken or imitated by any false Christs or evil spirits. False Christs can only rely on taking things out of context and misinterpreting the Bible to deceive people, or impersonate the Lord Jesus’ name to say some words that bless people and make promises to people, but these have no benefit whatsoever to people’s life entry and cannot carve out new paths and moreover cannot open up a new age. All work of false Christs and evil spirits cannot last. After a while it will fall apart in an uproar and self-destruct. That’s a fact. Only that which comes from God can flourish and remain standing. The true work of Christ can achieve the results of saving and perfecting man, and can carry out God’s will as well as begin and end ages. This is absolute, because God is omnipotent. The truths expressed by God will exist forever. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but God’s words won’t!

Excerpted from the movie script of Who Is He That Has Returned

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