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653 Have You Gained Anything From Years of Belief?

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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653 Have You Gained Anything From Years of Belief?

You ought to know exactly what the purpose of My work is, and for whom I carry it out. Does your love contain good or evil? Is or is not your knowledge of Me akin to that of David and Moses? Is or is not your service to Me similar to that of Abraham? You are indeed being perfected by Me, but you should know whom you will represent, as well as whose outcome you will share. Throughout your life, in your experience of My work, have you reaped a joyful and abundant harvest? Is it bountiful and fruitful? You should reflect upon yourself: For years you have toiled for My sake, but have you ever obtained anything? Have you undergone any transformation or acquired anything? In exchange for your arduous experiences, have you become like Peter who was crucified, or like Paul who was struck down and received a great light? You should have some sense of these things.

Adapted from “The Essence and Identity of Man”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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