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35. O God, You Know I’m Missing You

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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35. O God, You Know I’m Missing You


My heart’s deeply attached to You. But I feel unworthy of Your love.

Too humble to be in the presence of You, how worried and uneasy I am!

I can only make up my mind; offer my whole being to You.

I will suffer for You, suffer all hardships, till the last breath of my life.

God! You know that I am waiting, waiting for You to come back.

God, please don’t forget about me. I can’t live without You!


I know I don’t deserve to see You, but I’ll never lose my hope.

I am full of faith. I never lose my faith, loving You in my heart.

I will do anything for You. I won’t care too much for my life.

I have strong faith; I believe You’ll come back. I believe You will come back.

Dear God! Please wait for me, wait for me to give You my love.

I believe that You are loving me. I can’t live without You!


Though I have weakness in flesh. Pains and sorrows always with me.

God, please trust me, please put trust in me that I’ve never forgotten about You.

I hate my flesh so much. I loathe Satan even more.

How I wish I could get free from sin! How I wish to be free from sin!

If I can’t satisfy Your will, I won’t have peace after death.

Only when I see, when I see Your smile, will I feel a bit comforted.


I am with determination, and I am with strong will.

I won’t be passive; I am loving You, loving You with my true heart.

Ignoring those many hardships, thinking no more of blocks ahead,

I will keep going, I will try my best, try my best to satisfy You.

When can I live out Your image, pure and lively, a whole new one?

Holy spiritual body giving to You, I will never ever leave You!

Holy spiritual body giving to You, I will never ever leave You!

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