140 Oh God, I Miss You

1 Silently, without words, I long for You; I read Your words with remorse in my heart. My eyes are blurred with tears; I yearn for the morrow, and that we may reunite soon. I was rebellious in the past and have hurt You; my many mistakes cannot be made right. When I do not see Your face, my heart is in pain; I wait for You while the seasons turn. I spend my days and nights in remorse. Such is my debt and distress that tears stream down my face, and I weep and wail. How I wish to make right the mistakes of yesterday; I yearn to see You and confess my feelings to You.

2 I recall with nostalgia those happy days; I often think of Your voice and Your smile. The lessons You taught earnestly ring in my ears; as long as I live, I will never forget them. These long years have been torment for me; the loneliness and unease have been hard to bear. I dream of turning back time, reversing these long years; how I long to be by Your side. Where are You, my beloved? My heart is ablaze with its wish to see Your face and enter Your embrace. We are of the same heart and mind, together forever; and together, we compose a song of love.

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