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554 Do You Truly Live in God’s Words?

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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554 Do You Truly Live in God’s Words?

1 Time passes, and in the blink of an eye today has arrived. Under the guidance of My Spirit, all people live amid My light, and no longer does anyone think of the past or pay heed to yesterday. Who has not ever lived in the present day? Who has not spent wonderful days and months in the kingdom? Who has not lived beneath the sun? Though the kingdom has descended among man, no one has truly experienced its warmth; man only regards it from the outside, uncomprehending of its substance.

2 During the time that My kingdom is formed, who does not rejoice because of it? Can the countries on earth really escape? Is the great red dragon really able to escape thanks to its cunning? My administrative decrees are announced throughout the universe, they institute My authority among all people, and come into effect across the cosmos; nevertheless, man has never truly known this. When My administrative decrees are revealed to the universe is also when My work on earth is about to be completed. When I rule and wield power among all men and when I am recognized as the one God Himself, My kingdom will fully descend to earth.

3 Today, all people have a new beginning upon a new path. They have begun a new life, yet no one has ever truly experienced a life on earth akin to heaven. Do you truly live amid My light? Do you truly live among My words? Who does not give thought to their own prospects? Who is not distressed by their own fate? Who does not struggle amid the sea of affliction? Who does not wish to free themselves? Are the blessings of the kingdom in exchange for man’s hard work on earth? Could all of man’s desires be fulfilled just as he wishes?

Adapted from “Chapter 25” of God’s Words to the Entire Universe

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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