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Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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312 Longing for God

1 Watching God depart, my heart breaks. Past moments replay in my mind, God’s teachings echo in my ears. Don’t be sad, feel not distress. At the moment of our parting, so many are the words in my heart that I wish to confide. O God, O God, dear God! When will we meet again, when will we hear Your teachings once more?

2 I pine for God, my heart remorseful. So many transgressions are hard to make up for, a debt left in my heart. God’s words judge, and they console me. He exhorts me, over and over, and patiently teaches me; His words guide me onwards with every step. O God, O God, dear God! Our hearts yearn for You, we welcome Your public appearance.

3 I pine for God’s grace, yearning for God. I walk with God through great hardship and peril; in adversity, I feel His love more profoundly. Shame and tears, hurt and pain. Amid hardship and refinement, God’s words are with me; I stand firm in my testimony, and am victorious over Satan. O God, O God, dear God! May You always watch over us, so we will live in Your love’s embrace.

4 I could speak of past times shared without end. Yet tears fill my eyes and I am without words, God’s exhortations remembered in my heart. I go to the ends of the world, to the depths of the sea. No matter how arduous the journey, I shall not deviate in completing my mission. O God, O God, dear God! You are forever our God, we will forever love and belong to You.

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