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516 Make Effort in Your Practice of God’s Word

Follow the Lamb and Sing New Songs (English)

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516 Make Effort in Your Practice of God’s Word

1 The greatest fault of man having faith in God is that his faith is in words only, and God exists not at all in his practical life. All men, indeed, believe in the existence of God, yet God is not a part of their everyday lives. Many prayers to God come from the mouth of man, but God has little place in his heart, and so God tries man again and again. As man is impure, God has no alternative but to try man, so that he may feel ashamed and come to know himself in the trials. Otherwise, man shall all become the children of the archangel, and become increasingly corrupt.

2 During man’s belief in God, many personal motives and objectives are cast off as he is unceasingly cleansed by God. Otherwise, no man can be used by God, and God has no way of doing in man the work that He ought. God first cleanses man. In this process, man may come to know himself and God may change man. Only after this can God work His life into man, and only in this way can the heart of man be fully turned to God.

3 If you only have knowledge but do not have God’s word as life; if you are limited only to your own knowledge but cannot practice the truth or live out the word of God, then this is proof still that you have no heart of love for God, and shows that your heart belongs not to God. Coming to know God by believing in Him; this is the final goal and that which man shall seek. You must devote effort to living out the words of God so that they may be realized in your practice. If you have only doctrinal knowledge, then your faith in God will come to naught. Only if you then also practice and live out His word can your faith be considered complete and in accord with God’s will.

Adapted from “You Ought to Live for the Truth Since You Believe in God”

in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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