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308 We Must One Day Meet Again

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308 We Must One Day Meet Again

1 When we are together with God, we laugh and smile and it’s so sweet. You speak and work to water us and shepherd us, and You bestow on us the truth. Your words are engraved on our hearts, we share such deep affection with You. Your work is about to end, and You are soon to leave us. I haven’t repaid Your kindness and love. Oh God! Almighty God! Oh God! Almighty God! You’re about to leave, so how could I not be saddened?

2 I think of past debts, and my heart hurts like it’s been cut by a knife. I have hurt You so much by being slipshod and rebellious, and I’ll regret it forever. You chasten and discipline me over and over, awakening my benumbed heart. Judgment and chastisement banish my corruption and I live out a human likeness. I now gain Your purification and salvation, my heart grows more attached to You. Oh God! Almighty God! Oh God! Almighty God! You’re about to leave, and I cannot forget these old feelings.

3 You are returning to Zion and we look forward to being with You again. Though we will be far apart, You in heaven and us on earth, we must one day meet again. Your words are with us, we long for Your love. Your disposition is holy and righteous, and it is worthy of praise. We must keep Your commissions and bear witness for You forever. Oh God! Almighty God! Oh God! Almighty God! Your love is engraved on our hearts and we will love You forever.

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