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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Your humanity is too lacking, your lifestyle is too low and degrading, you have no humanity, and you lack insight. That is why you need to equip yourselves with the things of humanity. Having conscience, rationality, and insight, knowing how to speak and view things, paying attention to cleanliness, acting like a normal human being—all of these are the know-how of normal humanity. When you do these properly, your humanity will be up to standard. The other aspect is equipping yourselves for the spiritual life. You must know the entirety of God’s work on earth, and must experience His words. You should know how to obey His arrangements, and how to fulfill the duty of a created being. These are the two aspects you should enter into today. One aspect is equipping yourself for the life of humanity, and the other aspect is practice concerning the spiritual life—and both are indispensable. Some people are absurd, and know only to equip themselves with that which concerns humanity. They wear nice clothes and their hair is always clean; no fault can be found in their appearance. The things they say and their manner of speaking are appropriate, and their dress is very dignified and proper. But they have nothing inside them; their normal humanity is only external. They focus only on what to eat, what to wear, and what to say. There are even those who focus exclusively on sweeping the floor, stacking bed linen, and cleaning. They’re well-practiced in all these things, but when you ask them to talk about their knowledge of God’s work of the last days, and of chastisement, refinement, trials, and judgment, then they don’t even have the slightest experience of such things. You ask them: “Do you understand the primary work that God does on earth? What is the work done by God become flesh? How is it different from the work of Jesus? And how is it different from the work of Jehovah? Are They one God? Has He come to bring an end to the age, or to save mankind? What is the work He does?” They’ll have nothing to say to this. Superficially, they’re beautifully adorned: The sisters have made themselves up pretty as a flower, and the brothers look like princes, or some rich young dandy. They only care about the things they eat and wear externally; inside, they are destitute, and have not the slightest knowledge of God. What’s the point? Others are slovenly dressed, like beggars, and look like oriental slaves! Do you really not understand what I ask of you? Commune amongst yourselves: What have you gained? You’ve been pursuing for all these years, and this is all you’ve reaped—don’t you feel embarrassed? Aren’t you ashamed? You’ve pursued the true way for all these years, and today your stature is even smaller than a sparrow’s. Look at the young ladies among you, made up pretty as flowers, comparing yourselves to each other. What are you using to compare each other? Is it not enjoyment? And the demands you make? Do you think I’ve come to recruit models? You have no shame! Where is your life? Do you not pursue extravagant desires? You think you’re so beautiful. You might be gorgeous, but are you not a squirming maggot that was born in the dung heap? Today, that you are fortunate to enjoy these heavenly blessings is because God is making an exception by raising you up, and not because of your pretty face; are you still unclear about where you came from? At the mention of life you shut your mouth and say nothing, you are like wooden chickens, yet you still have the gall to put on makeup? You still think to powder your face? And look at the playboys among you—they’re so wayward, they spend the whole day floating about, a nonchalant expression on their faces. They are ill-behaved everywhere they go, is there anything human about them? What do each among you, whether they be male or female, devote your attention to all day? Do you know who you depend on to eat? Look at your clothing, look at what you have reaped in your hands, rub your belly—what is the fruit of the price of blood and sweat that you’ve paid? You still think to go sightseeing, you still think to adorn your stinking flesh—what’s the value in this! You are asked to be normal, but today you are not only not normal, you’re the opposite. How can such a person dare to come before Me? With a humanity such as this, parading about and revealing your flesh, always living amid the lust of the flesh, are you not a descendant of filthy demons and evil spirits? I will not allow such a filthy demon to remain for long! And don’t think that I don’t know what you think in your heart. You might keep a tight rein on your lust and your flesh, but could I not know the thoughts in your heart and all that your eyes desire? Do you young ladies not make yourselves up pretty as a flower in order to parade your flesh? What benefit are men to you? Can they truly save you from the sea of affliction? And you playboys all dress to make yourselves seem gentlemanly and distinguished—is it not in order to show off your looks? And who are you doing this for? What benefit are women to you? Are they not the source of your sin? You men and women, I have said many words to you, yet you have complied with but a few of them. Your ears are heavy, your eyes have grown dim, and your hearts are hard, such that there is nothing but lust in your bodies; you are ensnared in it, unable to escape. Who wants to go anywhere near you maggots, squirming in the filth and grime? Do not forget that you are nothing more than those whom I have raised from the dung heap, that originally, you were not possessed of normal humanity. What I ask of you is the normal humanity which you did not originally possess; I do not ask that you parade your lust, or that you give free rein to your rancid flesh, which has been trained by the devil for so many years. When you dress yourselves up like this, do you not fear that you will become ever more deeply ensnared? Do you not know that you were originally of sin? Do you not know that your bodies are filled with lust? It’s such that your lust even seeps from your clothing, revealing your state as an unbearably ugly, filthy demon. Isn’t this what’s clearest of all to you? Your hearts, your eyes, your lips—have they not all been defiled by filthy demons? Are they not filthy? You think that as long as you don’t do anything immoral,[a] you are the most holy; you think that dressing up prettily can cover up your sordid souls—there’s no chance of that! I advise you to be more realistic: Don’t be fraudulent and fake, and don’t parade yourselves. You show off your lust to each other, but all you’ll get is everlasting suffering and heartless chastening! What need have you to flirt with each other and be in love? Is this your rectitude? Does this make you upstanding? I loathe those among you who practice witchcraft medicine and engage in sorcery, I loathe young men and women among you who love their own flesh. You’d best restrain yourselves, for today I ask that you possess normal humanity, not that you flaunt your lust. You always take any chance you can, for your flesh is too plentiful, and your lust too great!

Externally, you’ve arranged your life of humanity very well, but when you are asked to speak of the knowledge of life, you have nothing to say—and in this you are impoverished. You must equip yourself with the truth! Your life of humanity has changed for the better, and the life within you shall change too—changing your thoughts and transforming your views on the belief in God, changing the knowledge and thinking within you, and changing the knowledge of God within your conceptions. Through dealing, revelation, and provision, you gradually change your knowledge of yourself, your existence, and the belief in God, allowing your knowledge to be pure. In this way, the thoughts within man will change, the way they see things will change, and their mental outlook will change. Only then will their life disposition have changed. You are not asked to spend the whole day reading books, or tidying your room or washing clothes and cleaning. Naturally, there mustn’t be issues with your normal humanity—this is the very least that’s required. When you go out, you must still have some insight and rationality, but what’s most important is that you are equipped with the truth of life. When the things to do with the spirit is spoken of, you’re liable to ignore matters of humanity; that’s wrong. When equipping yourself with regard to life, you must be able to talk of the knowledge of God, of your views on existence, and, in particular, of your knowledge of the work done by God during the last days. Since you pursue life, you must equip yourself with these things. When you eat and drink the words of God, you must measure them against your own real state. That is, after you discover the shortcomings in yourself during your real experiences, you must be capable of finding a path to practice, and turning your back on your motivations and conceptions which are wrong. If you always try hard in this, and your heart is always focused on these things, you will have a path to follow, you will not feel empty, and thus you will be able to maintain a normal state. Only then will you be someone who is emburdened by your own life, and only then will you be someone who has faith. Why, after reading God’s words, are people unable to put them into practice? Is it not because they can’t grasp what’s key? Is it not because they are toying with life? That they can’t grasp what’s key, and have no path to practice, is because they are unable to measure them against their own state, and are unable to master their own state. Some people say: I have measured them against my state, I know that I am corrupt and of poor caliber, but I am incapable of satisfying God’s will. In this, you have only seen the surface; how to put aside the enjoyments of the flesh, how to put aside self-righteousness, how to change yourself, how to enter these things, how to improve your caliber, from which aspect to start—these are all that is real. You only grasp a few external things, you know only that you really are very corrupt. When you meet your brothers and sisters, you talk about how corrupt you are, and it seems that you know this, and that you are burdened by your life. In fact, you haven’t changed, which proves that you haven’t found the path to practice. If you are leading a church, when you point out the state of brothers and sisters in the church, you may say: “Nowhere is more backward than here; you people are disobedient!” As for in what regard they’re disobedient and backward, you must speak of their manifestations—of their disobedient state and disobedient behavior—and make them utterly convinced. You must talk of facts and give examples to explain the issue, and you must also be able to speak of how to actually separate oneself from this rebellious behavior, and must point out the path to practice. Only then will you win them over! If you only say, “I don’t wish to visit this place; none are more backward than you, you’re too rebellious,” then, when you speak in this way, after listening none of them will have a path—and so how will you lead people? You must speak of their actual state and actual manifestations; only then will you have a path to practice, and only then will you have reality.

As of today, many truths have been released. But you have to connect the dots: You should be able to conclude how many truths there are. Which aspects of normal humanity one should possess, the main aspects of changes to one’s life disposition, the deepening of visions, which of the erroneous means of knowing and experiencing of people throughout the ages you have gotten to grips with—you will only have entered onto the right track when you are capable of differentiating and knowing these things. People of religion worship the Bible as if it were God. In particular, they regard the Four Gospels of the New Testament as the four faces of Jesus. So, too, is there the talk of the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These are the most absurd of all. You must all see through them, and moreover, you must know the substance of God become flesh and the work of the last days. There are also those old methods of practicing: living in the spirit, being filled with the Holy Spirit, being resigned in the face of adversity, submitting to authority—you must also know these fallacies and deviations relating to practice; you should know[b] how people practiced before, and how people must practice today. How workers should cooperate with each other in the churches, how to put aside self-righteousness and not rely on status, how brothers and sisters should get along with each other, how to establish normal relationships with other people and with God, how to achieve normality in human life, what people should possess in their spiritual life, how they should eat and drink the words of God, what relates to knowledge, and what concerns visions, what is the path to practice—have all these things not been spoken of? These words are open to those who pursue, and no one is given preferential treatment. Today, you should cultivate the ability to live independently. If you always possess the mentality of dependence, then in the future, when there is no one to guide you, you will think of these words of Mine. In times of tribulation, it is not possible to lead the life of the church: Brothers and sisters are unable to meet with each other, most of them are on their own and can only commune with the people of one place, and so your present stature is not enough. Amidst tribulation, many will find it hard to stand firm. Only those who know the way of life and are equipped with the truth are able to keep progressing and achieve holiness. It’s not easy for you to experience tribulation; if you think it only takes a few days to make it through tribulation, then you are too simple in your thinking! You think that by blindly eating and drinking God’s words, when the time comes you will be able to stand firm—that is not the case! If you do not know these things of substance, are unable to grasp what’s key, and have no path to practice, then when the time comes and something happens to you, you’ll be confounded, you won’t make it through the temptation of Satan, nor the onset of refinement. If there is no truth in you and you lack visions, then when the time comes you won’t be able to stop yourself from collapsing; at that time you’ll give up all hope and say, “Well, I’m going to die all the same, I may as well be chastised to the very end! It doesn’t matter to me, be it chastisement or going to the lake of fire, I accept them both—I’ll take things as they come!” It’s like during the time of the service-doers: People thought that[c] since they were service-doers, they no longer had to pursue life, and that it was OK to smoke and drink. Watching TV, watching films—they did it all. When the environment is hostile, if you’re unable to overcome it, you will abandon all hope as soon as you let yourself go a little. In this way, without you realizing it, you will be taken captive by Satan. If you can’t overcome the influence of Satan, you will be taken captive by Satan, and will be consigned to destruction again. And so, today you must equip yourself, you must be able to live independently, and when you read God’s words you must be able to look for a path to practice. If no one comes to the church to work, you should still have a path to follow, you should be able to find your shortcomings, and to find the truths that you ought to put into practice and equip yourself with. After coming to earth, will God forever accompany man? In their conceptions, some people believe this: If You don’t work us to a certain point, Your work can’t be considered finished, for Satan accuses You. I tell you, when I have finished speaking My words that is when I have successfully completed My work. As long as My utterances have ended, My work will have been completed. The end of My work is proof of the defeat of Satan, and as such can be said to have been successfully accomplished, without any of the accusation of Satan. But when My work has ended, if there still hasn’t been any change in you, then people such as you are beyond salvation and will be eliminated; I do not do any more work than is needed. It is not the case that I will finish My work on earth when you have been conquered to a certain point—when you all have a clear knowledge, your caliber has improved, and you bear testimony both inside and out. That would be impossible! Today, the work I do in you is in order to lead you into a normal life, and in order to usher in a new age and lead new work. This work, which is done step-by-step, is carried out among you directly: You are taught face to face, hand in hand; I tell you anything you don’t understand, bestowing all that you lack unto you. It can be said that, for you, all of this work is the provision of life to you, and guides you into a life of normal humanity; it is exclusively to provide the life of a group of people during the last days. For Me, all this work is in order to end the age and usher in a new age; when it comes to Satan, God became flesh in order to defeat it. The work I do among you now is the provision of today and timely salvation, but during these few short years, I will tell you all truths, the way of life, and even the work of the future, and it will be enough for you to experience normally in the future. All of the words I speak are My only exhortation of you. I make no other exhortation; today, all of the words I speak to you are My exhortation of you, for, today, you have no experience of many of the words I speak, and do not understand the inner meaning of these words. One day, your experiences will come to fruition just as I have spoken of today. These words are your visions of today, and are what you shall depend on in the future, they are the provision of life today, and the exhortation of the future, and there is no better exhortation. That is because the time I have to work on earth is not as long as the time you have to experience My words; I merely complete My work, whereas you pursue life, which involves a long journey of life. Only after experiencing many things will you be able to completely gain the way of life, only then will you be able to see through to the inner meaning of the words I speak today. In your hands, you have My words, you have received all of My commissions, you have been commissioned of all that you ought to. Regardless of how great an effect is achieved, when the work of the word has come to an end, God’s will has been carried out. It is not as you imagine that you must be changed to a certain extent; God does not act according to your conceptions.

People’s lives don’t grow in just a couple of days. They may have many things to eat and drink every day, but that’s not enough—they must experience a period of growth in their lives, this is a necessary process. With the caliber people have today, how much can their lives grow? God works according to people’s needs, making suitable demands based on their inherent caliber. Suppose that this work were carried out among a group of people of higher caliber: His utterances would be higher than those among you, the visions would be higher, and the truths even higher. God’s words would have to be more severe, and more capable of providing to man and revealing mysteries. When speaking among them, God would provide to them according to their needs. Today, the demands that are made of you can be said to be the highest possible demands of you; if this work were carried out in those of a higher caliber, then the demands would be higher still. All of God’s work is carried out based on people’s inherent caliber. Today, there is nothing higher than the extent to which God has changed and conquered people. Do not use your own conceptions to measure the effects of this stage of work. You should be clear about what you inherently possess, and should not look upon you people as too high; originally, none of you pursued life, you were beggars who wandered the streets. For God to work you to the extent you imagine where you all prostrate yourselves upon the ground, utterly convinced, as if you’d seen a great vision—that would be impossible! That is because no one who has not seen signs can fully believe the words I say. You might examine them closely, but you still would not completely believe them; this is the nature of man! In those who pursue, there will be some changes, while the faith of those who do not will lessen, and might even disappear. The biggest problem with you is that you can’t completely believe without having seen the fulfillment of God’s words, and you are not reconciled without having seen signs. Prior to such things, who could be unfailingly loyal to God? And so I say that you don’t believe in God, but signs. As of today, I have spoken clearly of various aspects, making ready all aspects of truth, and these truths are also able to serve each other. Thus, you must now put them into practice: Today I show you the path, and in the future, you should put them into practice yourself. Today, the words I speak make demands of people based on their actual circumstances, and I work based on their needs and the things inside them. The practical God has come to earth to do practical work, to work according to people’s actual circumstances and needs; He is not unreasonable. And when God acts, He does not coerce people. For example, whether you get married should be according to your own actual situation; the truth has been clearly spoken to you, and I do not restrain you. Some families oppress people to the extent that they’re unable to believe in God unless they get married—so marriage, conversely, is to their advantage. For some people, marriage not only brings no benefits, but costs them what they originally had. This must depend on your actual circumstances and your own resolution. I do not come up with rules by which to make demands of you. Many people always say, “God is real, His work is based in reality and carried out according to our actual circumstances”—but do you know what makes it real? Don’t speak empty words all day! God’s work is real, and based in reality, it involves no doctrine, it is released in its entirety, and it is all open and undisguised. What do these principles cover? Can you say which of God’s work this applies to? You must talk of specifics, and must have experienced and borne testimony in several aspects. Only when this aspect is particularly clear to you and you know it will you be qualified to speak these words. If someone asks you: What work has the practical God become flesh on earth to do? Why do you call Him the practical God? What does “practical” involve? Can you speak of His practical work, of what it specifically includes? Jesus was God become flesh, and the practical God is also God become flesh—what is the difference between Them? And what are the similarities? What work have They done? Can you say? All of this is bearing testimony! Don’t be confused about these things. There are others who say: “The work of the practical God is real, He never shows signs and wonders.” Does He really not show signs and wonders? Do you really know this? Do you know what My work is? It was said that the signs and wonders would not be shown, but are the work He does and the words He speaks not signs? It was said that signs and wonders would not be shown, but that depends, it depends on whom these words were spoken to. Without going to the church, He has laid bare people’s states, and without carrying out any other work, by only speaking, He has spurred people onward—are these not signs? By only speaking words, He has conquered people, and without prospects or hopes, people still gladly follow—are these not signs? When He speaks, His words put people in a certain mood, one in which they might feel either joyous or melancholy, or refined or chastised. With just a few cutting words, He brings chastisement upon people—is this not supernatural? Could a person do such a thing? You read the Bible for all those years, but you understood nothing, saw nothing, and you were incapable of separating yourself from those outdated, traditional methods of belief, and you couldn’t figure out the Bible. Yet He can fully understand the Bible—is this not something supernatural? If there were nothing supernatural about God when He came to earth, would He be able to conquer you? Without His extraordinary, divine work, who among you would be convinced? To your eyes, it appears as if a normal person is working and living with you—He appears to have the exterior of an ordinary and normal person. What you see is an exterior of normal humanity, but in actual fact, the One who works is divine. The One who works is not of normal humanity, but divine; this is God Himself, it’s just that He employs normal humanity to work—as a result of which His work is both normal and supernatural. The work He does cannot be done by man. Work that is impossible for normal people is done by an extraordinary being. Yet this extraordinariness is divine; it is not that humanity is extraordinary, but that divinity is different from humanity. The one who is used by the Holy Spirit is also of ordinary, normal humanity, but he is incapable of doing this work. Herein lies the difference. You might say: “God is not a supernatural God, He does nothing supernatural. Our God speaks words that are practical and real, He has really and actually gone to the church to work, each day He speaks to us face to face, and, face to face, He points out our states—our God is really real! He lives with us, everything is so normal, there is, quite simply, nothing to show He is God. There are even times when He grows angry, and we behold the majesty of His wrath, and when He smiles, we observe His smiling demeanor. He is the God Himself who has a tangible form, who is made of flesh and blood, who is real and actual.” When you bear testimony in this way, your testimony is not complete. What help will it be to others? If you can’t testify to the inside story and substance of the work of God Himself, then you’re not bearing testimony! Above all, bearing testimony requires that you speak of your knowledge of God’s work, of how God conquers people, of how He saves people, of how He changes people, and of how He guides people to enter in, allowing them to be conquered, made perfect, and saved. Bearing testimony means speaking of His work and all that you have experienced. Only His work represents Him, and only His work can publicly reveal His entirety; His work bears testimony to Him. His work and His utterances directly represent the Spirit, the work He does is carried out by the Spirit, and the words He speaks are spoken by the Spirit. These things are merely expressed through the incarnate flesh of God; in actual fact, they are the expression of the Spirit. The work He does and the words He speaks represent His substance. If, after clothing Himself in flesh among man, God did not speak or work, and then asked you to know His realness, His normality, and His omnipotence, would you be able to? Would you be able to know what the substance of the Spirit is? Would you be capable of knowing what His attribute is? It is only because you have experienced each step of His work that He asks you to bear testimony to Him, and if you hadn’t experienced this, then He would not make such demands of you. Thus, when you bear testimony to God, it is not to testify to His exterior of normal humanity, but to the work He does, and the path He leads, it is to testify to how you have been conquered by Him, and in what aspects you have been made perfect. This is the kind of testimony you should bear. If, wherever you go, you cry: Our God has come to work, He is truly practical! He has gained us without anything supernatural or any signs and wonders! Others will ask: What do you mean when you say He doesn’t show signs and wonders? Can He conquer you without showing signs and wonders? And you say: What He does is speak. He has conquered us without showing any signs and wonders—His work has conquered us. Ultimately, if you are unable to say anything of substance, and cannot talk of specifics, then are you bearing testimony? When the practical God conquers people, it is His divine words that conquer people. Humanity cannot accomplish this, it is not something that any mere mortal can achieve, and even those among normal people with the highest caliber are incapable of this, for His divinity is higher than any created being. To people, this is extraordinary; the Creator, after all, is higher than any created being. It has been said that students cannot be greater than their teachers. Created beings cannot be higher than the Creator; if you were higher than Him, He would not be able to conquer you—He can conquer you because He is higher than you. He who can conquer all humankind is the Creator, and but for Him, none other can do this work. This is testimony; this is the kind of testimony that you ought to bear. You have experienced each step of chastisement, judgment, refinement, trials, setbacks, and tribulations, and you have attained conquest, and put aside the prospects of the flesh, your personal motivations, and the personal interests of the flesh—in other words, all people’s hearts have been conquered by God’s words. Although your life has not grown to the extent He asked, you know these things, and you are utterly convinced by what He does—then this is testimony, and this testimony is real! The work God has come to do—judgment and chastisement—is in order to conquer man, but He also concludes His work, ends the age, carries out the final chapter of His work. He ends the entire age, saves all of humankind, totally delivers humankind from sin, and completely gains humankind, which He created. This is all what you should bear testimony to.

You have experienced so much of God’s work, you have seen it with your own eyes and experienced it personally, and so what a pity it would be if, in the end, you can’t even perform the function that you ought to. In the future, when the gospel is spread, you should be able to speak of your own knowledge, testify to all that you have gained in your heart, and spare no effort. This is what should be attained by a created being. What is the significance of this stage of God’s work? What is its effect? And how much of it is carried out in man? What should people do? When you can speak clearly of all the work done by God incarnate after coming to earth, then your testimony will be complete. When you can speak clearly of these five things—the significance, content, substance of His work, His disposition represented by it, and His work principles—then this will prove that you are capable of testimony, and that you are truly possessed of the knowledge. What I ask of you is not a lot, and is attainable by all those who truly pursue. If you are resolved to be one of God’s witnesses, you must understand what God loathes, and what God loves. You have experienced much of His work, and through this work, you must come to know His disposition, and what He loathes and loves, and understand His will and His requirements of mankind, and use this to testify to Him and perform your duty. You may say only this: “We know God, His judgment and chastisement are so severe. His words are so stern, they are righteous and majestic, and they are inviolable by any man.” But, ultimately, do they provide to man? What is their effect in people? Do you truly know that this work is good? Are God’s judgment and chastisement able to reveal your disposition? Are they able to reveal your disobedience? Are they able to expel those things within you? What would you become without the judgment and chastisement of God? Do you truly know just how corrupted you have been by Satan? All of this is what you should equip yourselves with and know today.

Now is not the time for the kind of faith in God that exists in your imagination: It is not the case that you need only read God’s words, pray, sing, dance, perform your duty, and lead a life of normal humanity…. Could things be so simple? What’s key is the effect—not how many things you do, but how you can actually achieve the best effect. You may be able to speak of a little knowledge whilst holding a book, but when you put it down, you do not have any knowledge; you are only capable of speaking words and doctrines, and have not the knowledge of experience. Today, you must grasp what’s key—this is a crucial part of entry into reality! Before anything else, do the following training: First read God’s words—get to grips with the spiritual terms within them, find the key visions within them, identify the parts of the path of practice, and put them all together. Look for each and every one of them, and enter into them during your experiences. These are the key things you must grasp. One of the most crucial practice when eating and drinking God’s words is, after reading one of God’s utterances, being able to locate the key parts concerning visions, and also being able to locate the key parts with regard to practicing, using visions as the basis and practice as the guide in your life. This is all that you lack most of all, and it’s also the biggest problem with you—in your hearts you rarely pay any attention to it. You all have the following state: lazy, unmotivated, unwilling to pay a price, or passively waiting. Some people even make complaints; they don’t understand the aims and significance of God’s work, and it’s hard for them to pursue the truth. Such people detest the truth, and will ultimately be eliminated. None among them can be made perfect, and none will be spared. If people don’t have a little resolve to resist the influence of Satan, there’s nothing that can be done for them!

Whether your pursuit has been effective is measured based on your pursuit today, and on what you possess at present. These are what are used to determine your end, which is to say, your end is shown in the price you have paid and the things you have done. Your end will be revealed by your pursuit, your faith, and what you have done. Among you, there are many who are already beyond salvation—for today is the time of revealing people’s end, and I will not do work foolishly, leading those who cannot be saved into the next age. There will be a time when My work finishes. I shall not work on those stinking, spiritless corpses that cannot be saved; today is the time of the last days of man’s salvation, and I will not do work that has no use. Don’t rail against Heaven and earth—the end of the world is coming, and it is inevitable; things have gotten to this point, and there’s nothing you as a man can do to stop them, you can’t change them at will. Yesterday, you did not pay a price to pursue, and were not loyal. Today, the time has come, you are beyond salvation, and tomorrow you shall be eliminated. There is no leeway for you to be saved. Even though My heart is soft and I try My best to save you, if you don’t struggle or give any thought for yourself, what does this have to do with Me? Those who only think of their flesh and like comfort, those whose faith is ambiguous, those who engage in witchcraft medicine and sorcery, those who are promiscuous, and tattered and ragged, those who steal sacrifices to Jehovah and the possessions of Him, those who love bribes, those who idly dream of going to heaven, those who are arrogant and conceited, and only strive for personal fame and fortune, those who spread impertinent words, those who blaspheme against God Himself, those who do nothing but make judgments against and vilify God Himself, those who gang up with others and try to become independent, those who exalt themselves higher than God, those frivolous young men and women, and middle- and old-aged men and women who are ensnared in vice, those men and women who enjoy personal fame and fortune and pursue personal status among others, those unrepentant people who are trapped in sin—are they not all beyond salvation? Licentiousness, sinfulness, witchcraft medicine, sorcery, profanity, and impertinent words all run riot among you, the words of truth and life are trampled among you, and the holy language is defiled among you. You Gentiles, bloated with filth and disobedience! Where will you end up? How dare those who love the flesh, who commit evil acts of the flesh, and who are ensnared in licentiousness continue living? Don’t you know that people such as you are maggots that are beyond salvation? What qualifies you to demand this and that? To date, there has not been the slightest change in those who do not love the truth and only love the flesh—so how can such people be saved? Even today, those who do not love the way of life, who do not exalt God and bear testimony to Him, who scheme for the sake of their own status, who extol themselves—aren’t they still the same? Where’s the worth in saving them? Whether you can be saved doesn’t depend on how well-qualified you are, or how many years you’ve been working, much less on how many credentials you have. It depends on if there has been any effect in your pursuit. You ought to know that those who are saved are the trees that bear fruit, not the trees that have lush foliage and abundant flowers but do not bear fruit. Even if you’ve spent many years wandering the streets, so what? Where is your testimony? Your reverence for God is far lower than your love of yourself and your lustful desires—isn’t someone like this a degenerate? How could you be a specimen and model of salvation? Your nature is unchangeable, you are too rebellious, you cannot be saved! Will such people not be eliminated? Is the time when My work finishes not the time when your last day shall arrive? I’ve done so much work and spoken so many words among you—how much of it has gone in your ears? How much of it have you ever obeyed? When My work ends shall also be when you stop opposing Me and standing against Me. During the time of My work, you always act against Me, you never comply with My words. I do My work, and you do your own work, you make your own little kingdom—you pack of foxes and dogs, everything you do is against Me! You’re always trying to bring those who love only you into your embrace—where is your reverence? Everything you do is deceitful! You have no obedience or reverence, everything you do is deceitful and blasphemous! Can such people be saved? Sexually immoral, lascivious men always want to pull those coquettish harlots to them for their own enjoyment. I will not save such sexually immoral demons, I hate you filthy demons, your lasciviousness and coquettishness have plunged you into hell—what have you to say for yourselves? You filthy demons and evil spirits are so heinous! You’re disgusting! How could such trash be saved? Could those ensnared in sin still be saved? These truths, this way, and this life hold no attraction to you; you’re attracted to sinfulness, to money, standing, fame and gain, the enjoyments of the flesh, the handsomeness of men and coquettishness of women. What qualifies you to enter My kingdom? Your image is even greater than God, your status is higher than God, to say nothing of your prestige among men—you have become an idol that people worship. Have you not become the archangel? When people’s end is revealed, which is also when the work of salvation draws to a close, many of you will be corpses that are beyond salvation and must be eliminated. During the work of salvation, I am kind and good toward all people. When the work finishes, the end of different types of people will be revealed, and at that time I shall not be kind and good, for people’s end will have been revealed, each will have been classed according to kind, and there will be no point in doing any more work of salvation. It is purely because the age of salvation will have passed; since it will have passed, it will not return again.


a. The original text omits “immoral.”

b. The original text omits “you should know.”

c. The original text omits “People thought that.”

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