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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Practice (8)

You still don’t understand the various aspects of the truth, and there are still quite a few errors and deviations in your practice; in many areas, you live by your notions and imaginings, never able to grasp the principles of practice. Thus it is still necessary to guide people to enter onto the right track; in other words, so they are able to regulate their human lives and spiritual lives, put both aspects into practice, and won’t need to be frequently supported or guided. Only then will they be possessed of true stature. This will mean that, in the future, even if there is no one to guide you, you will still be able to experience by yourself. Today, if you have come to grips with which aspects of the truth are crucial and which are not, in the future, you will be able to enter into reality. Today, you are being led onto the right path, allowing you to understand many truths, and in the future you will be able to go deeper. It can be said that what people are being made to understand now is the purest way. Today, you are being taken onto the right track—and when, one day, there is no one to guide you, you will practice and advance deeper according to this purest of all paths. Now, people are being made to understand which kinds of practices are correct and which are deviant. After understanding these things, in the future their experiences will go deeper. Today, your notions and imaginations and errors in your practice are being reversed, and the path of practice and entry is being revealed to you, after which this stage of work will end, and you will begin to walk the path that you humans ought to. At that time, My work shall finish, and from that point onward you shall meet with Me no more. Today, your stature is still meager. There are many difficulties that are things of man’s substance and nature, and so, too, are there some deep-rooted things that have yet to be dug out. You don’t understand the finer details of people’s nature and substance, and still need Me to clearly point them out; if not, you would not know. When this has gotten to a certain point where the things within your bones and blood are exposed, this is what is known as chastisement and judgment. Only when My work has been thoroughly and utterly carried out shall I conclude it. The more profoundly your corrupt essence are exposed, the more knowledge you will possess, and this will be of great significance to your future testimony and perfection. Only when the work of chastisement and judgment has been thoroughly carried out will this be the entirety of My work, allowing you all to know Me from My chastisement and judgment. Not only will you know My disposition and righteousness, but, more importantly, you will know My chastisement and judgment. Many among you have great conceptions about the newness and detailedness that feature in My work. Regardless, you ought to see that My work is new and detailed, and that I teach you to practice face to face, taking you by the hand. Only this is of benefit to your practice and to your standing firm in the future; otherwise, you would be as autumn leaves, withered, yellowed and dry, without a shred of worth. You should know that I know everything of your hearts and spirits; and so, too, are the work I do and the words I speak of great subtlety. Based on your disposition and caliber, you ought to be handled thus. Only in this way will your knowledge of My chastisement and judgment be clearer, and even though you do not know today, tomorrow you may know. Any created being shall fall amid My words of chastisement and judgment, for I tolerate no person’s opposition to Me.

You must all be able to reasonably regulate your own lives. Each day you can organize however you wish, you are free to do whatever you please, you can read God’s words, listen to hymns or sermons, or write devotional notes, and if it interests you, you can write hymns. Does all of this not constitute a suitable life? These are all things that ought to be contained within a human life. People should do what comes naturally; only when they have reaped fruit in their normal humanity and spiritual lives can they be considered to have entered into normal life. Today, you are not only lacking insight and bereft of rationality when it comes to humanity. There are also many visions that ought to be known that people must be equipped with, and whatever lesson you encounter, that is the lesson you should learn; you must be able to adapt to the environment. Improving your level of education must be done over the long-term. Only thus will you reap a harvest. With regard to living in normal humanity, there are still things you must equip yourself with, and you must also get to grips with the entry of your own life. Having come as far as today, after reading them again now, you have come to understand the many words of God that you did not understand at the time, and you have become much more steadfast in your heart. This is also reaping a harvest. On whatever day you eat and drink God’s words and there is a bit of understanding within you, you can freely commune with your brothers and sisters. Is this not the life you ought to have? Sometimes, some questions are raised or you ponder a topic, and it makes you better at discerning, and gives you more insight and wisdom, allowing you to understand some truths—and is this not what is contained within the spiritual life that is spoken of today? It is not acceptable to only put but one aspect of the spiritual life into practice; eating and drinking the words of God, praying, and singing hymns all constitute the spiritual life, and when you have the spiritual life, you must also have a life of normal humanity. Today, much of what is said is in order to give people rationality and insight, to allow them to possess a life of normal humanity. What it means to have insight, what it means to have normal interpersonal relationships, how you should interact with people—you should equip yourself with these things through eating and drinking the words of God, and what is required of you is attainable by normal humanity. You should equip yourself with the things that you ought to, and do not go too far; some people use all manner of words and vocabulary, and in this they are flaunting their charms. There are also others who read all kinds of books, which is giving free rein to the desires of the flesh. They even study and emulate the biographies and quotes of great figures of the world, and read pornographic books—this is even more laughable! People like this not only don’t know the path to entry into life, but, moreover, don’t know the work of God today, and they even don’t know how to spend each day. Their lives are so empty! They are totally ignorant of what they themselves should enter into. All they do is talk and communicate with others, as if talking takes the place of their own entry. Do they know no shame? These are people who don’t know how to live, and who don’t understand human life; they spend the whole day stuffing their faces, and doing pointless things—and what is the point in living in this way? I have seen that for many people, apart from doing their tasks, eating, and dressing, throughout the day their precious time is occupied by meaningless things, whether it be larking and fooling around, gossiping, or sleeping soundly. Is such a life the life of saints? Is this the life of normal people? Could such a life make you perfect when it is lowly, backward, and insouciant? Are you willing to lose yourself as forfeit to Satan for nothing? When people’s lives are easy, and there is no suffering in their environment, they are incapable of experiencing. In comfortable environments, it is easy for people to become depraved—but adverse environments make you pray with greater urgency, and make you dare not leave God. The more easy and dull their lives, the more people feel there is no point in living, and they even feel that they’re better off dead. This is how corrupt people’s flesh is; they can only receive benefits if they experience trials.

The stage of Jesus’ work was done in Judea and Galilee, and the Gentiles were unaware of it. The work He did was highly secret, and no nations apart from Israel were aware of it. Only when Jesus completed His work and it caused an uproar were people aware of it, and at that time He had departed. Jesus came to do one stage of work, gained a group of people, and completed a stage of work. In whatever stage of work God does, there are many who follow Him. If it were carried out only by God Himself, it would be meaningless; there must be people to follow God until He carries out that stage of work to the very end. Only when the work of God Himself has been completed do people begin to carry out the work commissioned by God, and only then does the work of God begin to spread. God only does the work of ushering in a new era, and the work of carrying it on is done by people. Thus, the work of today shall not last long; My life with man will not carry on for very long. I only complete My work, and make you perform the duty that you ought to, so that this work and this gospel can spread as quickly as possible among the Gentiles and other nations—only thus can you fulfill your duty as humans. The time of today is most precious of all. If you ignore it, you are one of those who are foolish; if, in this environment, you eat and drink these words and experience this work, and yet don’t have any resolve to pursue the truth, and have not the slightest sense of burden, what prospects have you to speak of? Will such people not be eliminated?

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