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188 Remorse From Undergoing Judgment

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188 Remorse From Undergoing Judgment

1 Undergoing the judgment of Christ, I am overcome with emotion. Every word of God is the truth, showing the truth of mankind’s corruption. Reflecting upon my actions and behavior, I am filled with regret. Arrogant, conceited, selfish and contemptible, I have no human likeness. Without God’s judgment, I would still believe myself good. God’s words alert me and warn me; why don’t I wake up? He exhorts me again and again, His love surpasses a mother’s love. God hopes that all will practice His words and obey Him.

2 God has spoken so many words and His will has been fully revealed. I see that God’s love for mankind is so great and so real. Reflecting upon my actions and behavior, I am filled with regret. My repeated stubbornness and rebellion bring God such pain. The road we’ve traveled was paved with His blood and tears. God hopes that our dispositions will soon change. When God’s judgment comes, I will no longer flee. I am willing to accept judgment and chastisement to be cleansed and perfected. God has placed such great hopes in us, God still waits for people to give their hearts to Him. I have seen His earnest hopes for mankind. I cannot fail to live up to the painstaking efforts God has made. I will love God and comfort His heart forever.

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