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To Be an Honest Person Is Truly Great! (Audio Essay)

God is faithful. God likes honest people, and He blesses honest people. Only by pursuing being an honest person can we attain God’s salvation. Full Text

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Spiritual Awakening of a “White Angel” (Part 1)

I am a retired obstetrics and gynecology attending physician. Most of my life was spent in an overworked void. I racked my brains to pursue status, fame and fortune and was unscrupulous in my efforts to make money, busy … Full Text

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Spiritual Awakening of a “White Angel” (Part 2)

Later, colleagues told me: “Look how easily you live now, even younger than before!” Some said: “You really are so stupid for not making money that you can raise your hand up to get. Is it because you have too much money… Full Text


9. How should one practice and enter into being an honest person?

You must be honest, and must pray in order to rid yourself of the craftiness in your heart. As you use prayer to purify yourself whenever needed, and use it to be touched by the Spirit of God, your disposition will gradu… Full Text

8. What is the difference between an honest person and a deceitful person?

To be an honest person, what should one possess? His words and deeds must allow others to benefit, he should not be self-centered, but consider others most of the time. ...God loves honest people, because in believing in… Full Text


The Loss and Gain of Gatherings

Even though because I was attending gatherings I spent less time going out with my classmates to eat, drink, have fun, and get crazy, what I gained was God’s provision for my life. It was God’s word that allowed me to un… Full Text

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(VII) Classic Words on How to Be an Honest Person

(VII) Classic Words on How to Be an Honest Person 176.Honesty means to give your heart to God; never to play Him false in anything; to be open with Him in all things, never hiding the truth; never to do that which d… Full Text

20 Honest People Are the Real Smart People

Wang Hui    Fuyang City, Anhui ProvinceIn the many words God has expressed, God has required us many times to be honest people and made it clear many times that he likes honest people, blesses honest … Full Text

16 To Pursue to Be an Honest Person We Must First Know Our Crafty Nature

Xiao Qiong  Jinan City, Shandong ProvinceAfter reading the two fellowships from the above “The Four Indices One Has to Grasp in Pursuing the Truth to Attain the Transformation of His Disposition” and “Only Being an Hones… Full Text

1 How to Pursue to Be an Honest Person

Miaoxiao Anyang City, Henan ProvinceIn the past, when reading in God’s word that we were required to be an honest person, many brothers and sisters thought that it was not hard to be an honest person and that as long as … Full Text

72. Tear Off the Mask and Start Life Afresh

God’s revelation and judgment also showed me a path to practice: No matter how many difficulties I meet, or how poor my condition, only by laying myself bare and using truth to reach resolution and going by God’s word wi… Full Text


57. There Is Great Happiness in Being Honest

Through this process of practicing honesty, I experienced how being honest allows one to live in the light and receive God’s blessing. Being an honest person is truly meaningful and valuable! Full Text

35. A Guileless Person Is Not an Honest Person

Thank You God for enlightening me, for showing me that honest people are not just frank-speaking and guileless, but rather possessors of truth and humanity. Thank You also for showing me that I am not honest by God’s def… Full Text

18. It’s Not Easy to Truly Know Yourself

I give thanks to God’s enlightenment and guidance which have made me see my own poverty and pitifulness, and have also made me understand that truly knowing myself is not an easy thing. The only objective reality is know… Full Text

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6. Only Being an Honest Person Is True Repentance

Anyone who has experienced God’s work of the last days over the last few years already knows that mankind has been very deeply corrupted by Satan and doesn’t have the likeness of real human beings at all. They don’t poss… Full Text


17. Only Being an Honest Person Is a True Human Likeness

We have had a lot of fellowship on how to be an honest person, and the significance of being an honest person. Now do you have an understanding that only by being an honest person can one have proper humanity, and that o… Full Text