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Why Do Christians Get Sick? How Should We Experience Sickness?

By Du ShuaiThe phrase “scramble around to find a doctor when you’re sick” directly reflects people’s feelings of anxiety, helplessness and panic when they get sick. As Christians, although we know that everything is crea… Full Text


The Storm Caused at Home by the May 28 Zhaoyuan Case

The revelations in the word of God have let me see through to the true face of the CCP, and see that it is genuinely the embodiment of Satan, and that it is the most evil influence of Satan. It uses the May 28 Case of Zh… Full Text


A Battle

God’s words reveal the true situation about the battle in the spiritual world. When we encounter such things, it appears on the outside as though religious leaders are harassing us, but in reality, a battle is being wage… Full Text

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Gospel Movie Trailer | What Is True Faith in God? | "Faith in God"

Gospel Movie Trailer | What Is True Faith in God? | "Faith in God"

Gospel Movie Trailer | What Is True Faith in God? | "Faith in God" Yu Cong… Full Text

God's Love Never Fails | Christian Short Film "A New Life Out of Tortures" | God Is My Life
Almighty God's Word "How Peter Came to Know Jesus"

Almighty God's Word "How Peter Came to Know Jesus"

Almighty God says, "During his time following Jesus, he had many opinions … Full Text

87. A Youth Without Regret

Even though the best years of my youth were spent in prison; during these seven years and four months I suffered hardships because of my belief in God, I have no complaints and no regrets, because I understand some truth… Full Text

85. Sufferings and Trials—the Blessings of Being Favored

I earnestly experienced the great salvation and mercy Almighty God had for me, the corrupt person, and have felt that the power and life in Almighty God’s words could bring me light and be my life and lead me to prevail … Full Text

82. The Riches of Life

It was God’s practical work that allowed me to personally taste such a rich feast of life. It not only awakened this heart of mine which had long been blinded by the great red dragon, but it allowed me to gain so many gr… Full Text


81. Embarking on the Path of Belief in God

“True faith in God means experiencing the words and work of God based on a belief that God holds sovereignty over all things. So you shall be freed of your corrupt disposition, shall fulfill the desire of God, and shall … Full Text

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12. A Battle of Life and Death

“When you forsake the flesh, inevitably there will be a battle inside. Satan wants you to follow the notions of the flesh, to protect the interests of the flesh. However, God’s word still enlightens and illuminates you w… Full Text