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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 8

Since Almighty God—the King of the kingdom—has been witnessed, the scope of God’s management has unfolded entirely throughout the whole universe. Not only has God’s appearance been witnessed in China, but the name of Almighty God has been witnessed in all nations and all lands. They are all calling out this holy name, seeking to fellowship with God by any means possible, grasping the will of Almighty God and serving in coordination in the church. The Holy Spirit works in this wondrous way.

The languages of various nations are different from each other but there is only one Spirit. This Spirit conjoins churches throughout the universe and is one with God, without the slightest difference, and this is something that is beyond doubt. The Holy Spirit now calls to them and His voice awakens them. It is the voice of God’s mercy. They are all calling out the holy name of Almighty God! They also give praise and they sing. There can never be any deviation in the work of the Holy Spirit, and these people go to any length to advance along the right path, they do not back out and its wonders pile on top of wonders. It is something that people find hard to imagine and impossible to speculate on.

Almighty God is the King of life in the universe! He sits upon the glorious throne and judges the world, dominates all, rules all nations; all peoples bend their knees to Him, pray to Him, get close to Him and communicate with Him. Regardless of how long you have believed in God, how high your status or how great your seniority, if you contradict God in your hearts then you must be judged and must prostrate yourselves before Him, issuing sounds of painful entreaty; this is indeed reaping the fruits of your own actions. This wailing sound is the sound of being tormented in the lake of fire and brimstone, and it is the cry of being chastened by God’s iron rod; this is the judgment before the seat of Christ.

Some people fear, some are diffident, some awaken, some take heed to listen carefully, some feel the utmost remorse and they repent and start anew, some weep bitterly in pain, some relinquish everything and search desperately, some people examine themselves and do not dare act wildly any longer, some seek urgently to get close to God, some examine their own consciences, asking why their lives cannot progress. Some are still in a muddle, some unshackle their feet and advance courageously, grasping the key and losing no time to take their lives into account; some still hesitate and are unclear about visions, and the burden they bear and carry in their hearts is heavy indeed.

If your mind is not clear then the Holy Spirit has no way to work within you. All that you focus on, the way you walk and all that your heart yearns for are filled with your conceptions and your self-righteousness! I burn with impatience—how I wish I could make you all complete right away so that you may soon be of use to Me and My heavy burden can be lightened. But by looking at you, I find it impracticable to be anxious for results. I can only wait patiently, walk slowly and slowly support you and lead you. Ah, you should clear your heads! What should be forsaken, what are your treasures, what are your fatal weaknesses, what are your obstacles, figure them out more in your spirit and fellowship with Me more. What I want is for your hearts to look up to Me in silence, not your lip-service. Those who truly seek before Me, I will reveal all to you. My pace quickens; so long as your heart looks up to Me and you follow at all times then My will can be given to you by inspiration and revealed to you at any time. Those who take care to wait will obtain nourishment and will have a way forward. Those who are thoughtless will find it hard to understand My heart, and they will walk into a dead end.

I desire for you all to rise up quickly and cooperate with Me, and get close to Me at all times, not just for a day and a night. My hand must always pull you along and spur you on, push you on, persuade you to go on and appeal for you to advance! You just don’t understand My will. The hindrances of your own conceptions and the entanglements of the world are too severe and you are unable to have a deeper closeness with Me. To be frank, you come to Me when you have an issue, but when you don’t have any issue your hearts become troubled. Your hearts become like a free market and are filled with satanic disposition, they are occupied with worldly things and you don’t know how to fellowship with Me. How could I not worry about you? But it won’t do to worry. Time is too pressing and the task is too strenuous. My steps fly onward; you must hold fast to all that you have, look up to Me at every moment, fellowship intimately with Me and My will will surely be revealed to you at any time. When you understand My heart then you have a way forward. You must hesitate no longer. Hold true fellowship with Me, and do not resort to deceit or try to be smart; that would only be deceiving yourself and would be revealed at any time before the seat of Christ. True gold does not fear fire—this is the truth! Have no scruples, don’t be disheartened or weak. Directly fellowship more with Me in your spirit, wait patiently and I will surely reveal to you according to My time. You really, absolutely must take care and not let My effort be wasted on you, and don’t lose a moment. When your heart is in constant fellowship with Me, when your heart lives constantly before Me, then no one, no occurrence, no thing, no husband, no son or daughter can disturb your fellowship with Me within your heart. When your heart is constantly restricted by the Holy Spirit and when you are fellowshiping with Me at every moment, My will will then surely be revealed to you. When you are constantly getting close to Me in this way, regardless of your surroundings or what occasion you are at, you will not become muddled no matter who or what you encounter, and you will have a way forward.

If ordinarily you don’t let anything slide in matters great or small, if your heart and mind are purified, and if you are quiet in your spirit, then whenever you encounter some issue My words will immediately be inspired within you, like a bright mirror for you to check yourself against, and you will then have a way forward. This is called having the right medicine for the right condition! And any condition will surely be cured—God is this almighty. I will surely illuminate and enlighten all those who hunger and thirst for righteousness and who search with sincerity. I will show to you all the mysteries of the spiritual world and show you the way forward, cause you to cast off your old corrupt dispositions as soon as possible, so that you may achieve life maturity and be of use to Me, and that the work of the gospel may soon proceed without hindrance. Only then will My will be satisfied, only then will God’s six-thousand-year management plan be accomplished as soon as possible. God will gain the kingdom and will come down to earth, and together we will enter into glory!

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