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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 7

The raising up of environments around us hastens our retreat into the spirit. Don’t act with a hardened heart, don’t disregard whether or not the Holy Spirit is worried, don’t try to be smart and don’t be complacent and self-satisfied or make too much of your own hardships; the only thing to do is to worship God in spirit and truth. You cannot leave God’s words behind or turn a deaf ear to them; you must figure them out carefully, repeat your pray-reading, and grasp the life within the words. Don’t engage in futility by wolfing them down without giving yourself time to digest them. Do you rely on God’s words in everything you do? Don’t talk big like a child and then get all in a muddle whenever anything crops up. You must exercise your spirit every hour of every day, don’t relax even for a moment. You must have a keen spirit. No matter who or what may befall, if you come before God you will have a path to follow. You must eat and drink God’s words every day, figure His words out without being negligent, make more effort, get it right down to every detail and equip yourself with the complete truth so as to avoid misunderstanding God’s will. You must broaden your range of experience and focus on experiencing God’s words. Through experience you will be able to be more certain about God; without experience, saying you are certain about Him is just empty words. We must be clear-headed! Awaken! Don’t be slack any longer; if you deal with things in a slipshod way and do not strive for progress then you really are so blind. You must focus on the work of the Holy Spirit, listen carefully to the voice of the Holy Spirit, open your ears to God’s words, cherish the time left and pay whatever the cost. Put your mettle to the best use, get a good hold on the key and focus on practicing God’s words. No matter how well you do on the outside after leaving God’s words, it is all to no avail. Practicing by paying lip-service is unacceptable to God—change must come through your behavior, disposition, faith, courage and insight.

The time is so near! No matter how good the things of the world are, they must all be cast aside. The many difficulties and dangers cannot daunt us, nor can the sky falling overwhelm us. Without this kind of resolution it will simply be too hard for you to become anyone of significance. Those who are fainthearted and who cravenly cling to life are not worthy to stand before God.

Almighty God is a practical God. No matter how ignorant we may be, He will still take pity on us, His hands will surely save us and He will still make us complete. So long as we have a heart that truly wants God, so long as we follow closely and do not get discouraged, and we search with a sense of urgency, then He absolutely will not treat any of us unfairly, He will surely make up for us that which we lack and He will satisfy us—all this is the kindness of Almighty God.

If someone is gluttonous and lazy, leads a sated, idle life and is indifferent to everything, they will find it hard to avoid suffering loss. Almighty God dominates all things and events! So long as our hearts look up to Him at all times and we enter into the spirit and associate with Him, then He will show us all the things we seek and His will is sure to be revealed to us; our hearts will then be in joy and peace, steady with perfect clarity. It is crucial to be able to act according to His words; being able to grasp His will and living in dependence on His words—only this is true experience.

Only by understanding God’s words will the truth of God’s words be able to enter into us and become our life. Without any practical experience, how are you able to enter the reality of God’s words? If you cannot receive God’s words as your life then your disposition will not be able to change.

The work of the Holy Spirit now advances in leaps and bounds! If you do not follow closely and receive training, it will be hard to keep up with the forging pace of the Holy Spirit. Hurry and bring about radical change lest you be trampled underfoot by Satan and enter into the lake of fire and brimstone from which there is no escape. Go seek as best you can now so that you are not cast aside.

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