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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 88

People simply cannot imagine the extent to which My pace has accelerated: It is a wonder that has occurred that is unfathomable to man. Since the creation of the world, My pace has continued on and My work has never stopped. The entire universe world changes from day to day, and people also are constantly changing. These are all My work, all My plan, and even more, My management—no person knows or understands these things. Only when I Myself tell you, only when I communicate with you face-to-face do you know a little bit; otherwise, absolutely no one knows the blueprint for My management plan. Such is My great power and even more My wonderful actions, which no one can change. Therefore, what I say today goes, and this simply cannot change. In human notions there is not the least knowledge of Me—it is all nonsensical chatter! Do not think that you have had enough or that you are full! I tell you, you still have far to go! Of My entire management plan, you only know a little, so you must listen to what I say and do whatever I tell you to do. Act according to My wish in everything and you will surely have My blessing; whosoever believes can receive, while whosoever does not believe will have the “nothing” that he imagined fulfilled in him. This is My righteousness, and, even more, it is My majesty, wrath, and chastisement—I am not sparing of anyone’s heart or mind, nor of their every move.

Hearing My words most people fear and tremble with a worried frown. Have I wronged you? Could it be that you are not one of the children of the great red dragon? You are pretending to be good! And pretending to be My firstborn son! Do you think I am blind? Do you think I cannot distinguish between people? I am the God who searches people’s innermost hearts: This is what I tell My sons and what I also tell you—the children of the great red dragon. I see everything clearly, with no error at all. How could I not know what I do? I am crystal clear about it! Why do I say that I am God Himself, the Creator of all things in the universe? Why do I say that I am the God who examines people’s innermost hearts? I am well aware of every person’s situation. Do you think I don’t know what to do or what to say? This is not your concern—be careful not to be killed by My hand; in that way you would suffer loss. My administrative decrees are not forgiving. Do you understand? All the above is part of My administrative decrees. Beginning from the day I tell you, if there are any further violations there will be retribution, because previously you did not understand.

Now I promulgate My administrative decrees for you (effective from the day of their promulgation, assigning different chastisement to different people):

I keep My promises, and everything is in My hands: Whosoever doubts will certainly be killed. There is no room for any consideration. They will immediately be exterminated, removing the hate from My heart. (From this it is confirmed that whosoever is killed must not be one of the members of My kingdom, and must be the descendent of Satan.)

As the firstborn sons you should keep your own positions and do your own duties well and not be nosy people. You should offer yourselves up for My management plan, everywhere you go you should bear that good witness to Me and glorify My name. Do not do shameful things, but be an example for all My sons and My people. Do not be unrestrained even for a moment: You must always appear to everyone with the identity of firstborn sons, not being servile, but striding with head held high. I am asking you to glorify My name, not disgrace My name. Those who are firstborn sons each have their own function, and cannot do everything. This is the responsibility I have given you, which is not to be shirked, and you must dedicate yourselves to fulfilling what I have entrusted to you with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your strength.

After this, throughout the universe world, the duty of shepherding all My sons and all My people is entrusted to My firstborn sons to fulfill, and whosoever cannot fulfill it with all their heart and all their mind, I will chastise. This is My righteousness—I will not spare or go light on even My firstborn sons.

If there is anyone among My sons or among My people who ridicules and insults one of My firstborn sons, I will punish him harshly because My firstborn sons represent Myself, and what someone does to them, he does also to Me. This is the most severe one of My administrative decrees. I let My firstborn sons administer My righteousness according to their wishes against whosoever among My sons and My people violates this decree.

I gradually abandon whosoever regards Me frivolously; focusing only on My food, clothing, and sleep; attending only to My external affairs and not attending to consideration of My burden; and not paying attention to fulfilling their own function properly. This is directed at all who have ears.

Whoever finishes doing service for Me must obediently withdraw and not be noisy. Be careful, otherwise I will deal with you. (This is additional.)

My firstborn sons shall pick up the iron rod from now on and begin to execute My authority to govern all nations and peoples, to walk among all nations and peoples, and to carry out My judgment, righteousness, and majesty among all nations and peoples. My sons and My people shall fear Me, praise Me, cheer Me, and glorify Me without ceasing because My management plan is fulfilled and My firstborn sons can reign with Me.

This is part of My administrative decrees, and afterward I will tell you according to the degree of progress of the work. From the above administrative decrees you will see the pace at which I do My work, and see the step to which My work has moved. This is the confirmation.

I have already judged Satan, because My will is unimpeded, and because My firstborn sons have been glorified with Me. And I have already exercised My righteousness and majesty toward the world and all things that belong to Satan. I do not lift a finger or pay attention to Satan at all (because it does not deserve to talk to Me). I just keep doing what I want to do. My work proceeds smoothly, step by step and My will is unimpeded in all the earth. This has shamed Satan to a degree and it has been completely destroyed, but this has not fulfilled My will. I also allow My firstborn sons to carry out My administrative decrees over them. On the one hand, what I let Satan see is My wrath toward it; on the other hand I let it see My glory (see that My firstborn sons are the most resounding witnesses to Satan’s humiliation). I do not personally punish it, but I let My firstborn sons carry out My righteousness and majesty. Because it used to abuse My sons, persecute My sons, and oppress My sons, today, after its service is over, I allow My mature firstborn sons to deal with it. Satan has been powerless against the fall. The paralysis of all nations in the world is the best witness, people fighting and countries at war are the apparent manifestations of the collapse of Satan’s kingdom. That I did not show any signs and wonders before was in order to humiliate Satan and glorify My name step by step. When Satan is completely finished off I begin to show My power: What I say comes into being, and the supernatural things that are not in conformance with human conceptions will be fulfilled (this refers to the blessings soon to come). Because I am the living God Himself and I have no rules, and I speak according to the changes in My management plan, therefore what I have said in the past is not necessarily applicable in the present. Do not cling to your own notions! I am not a God who abides by rules. With Me everything is free, transcendent, and completely released. Perhaps what was said yesterday is out of date today, or is cast aside today (but My administrative decrees, since they are promulgated, they will never change). These are the steps in My management plan. Do not cling to regulations. Every day there is new light, new revelations, and that is My plan. Every day My light will be revealed in you and My voice will be released to the universe world. Understand? This is your duty, the responsibility I have entrusted to you. You must not neglect it for a moment. The people I approve, I will use until the end, and this will never change. Because I am the almighty God, I know what kind of person should do what thing, and what kind of person is able to do what thing. This is My omnipotence.

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