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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 89

It is not easy to be in line with My intentions in everything you do; it’s not a matter of forcing yourself to pretend, but it depends on whether I endowed you with My caliber prior to the creation of the world, which was up to Me. This is not something people can do. I will love whom I love, and whoever I say is the firstborn son is surely the firstborn son, this is absolutely correct. You may want to pretend, but this will be in vain! You think I don’t recognize you? Is behaving yourself in front of Me good enough? Is it that simple? Absolutely not. You must have My promise, My predestination. You think I don’t know what you do behind My back? You are debauched! Hurry back to the lake of fire and brimstone once your service to Me is done! I am disgusted, I am filled with loathing at your sight. All in service to Me that do not loyally spend for Me, are dissolute and unrestrained, and do not figure out My intentions, after your service is done, get out of My sight! Otherwise, I will kick you out! These people cannot stay in My house (namely, the church) for a moment longer. They must get out of here so as to avoid bringing shame to My name, ruining My reputation. These people are all descendants of the great red dragon, they are sent by the great red dragon to disrupt My management. They specialize in deception to disturb My work. My son! You must see through this! Do not associate with these people. When you see these kinds of people quickly get far away from them so as to avoid being ensnared by them and bringing harm to your life! I most detest those people who speak carelessly, who act without thinking, who just joke and laugh, who engage in idle chitchat. I do not want any of these people, they are all of the ilk of Satan! Teasing for no reason at all, what are they? Talking and doing nonsense, do they still feel no shame? In actuality, this type of person is valued the least, I have long seen through them, long abandoned them. Otherwise, why do they talk nonsense over and over again without Me to discipline them? They really are descendants of the great red dragon! Now, I have started to remove these things one by one. Can I use Satan’s descendants as My firstborn sons, as My sons and My people? Then would I not be muddled? I will definitely not do that. Do you understand this clearly?

Everything that you encounter today, whether good or bad, has all been arranged by My wise hands; all has been orchestrated, controlled by Me. This is definitely not something that humankind can readily do. Some people are still sweating in their palms, worried about Me; they truly need not worry! They neglect their main task, not entering into the spirit yet still wanting growth in life; they hope in vain! They are not anxious at all, but they still want to satisfy My intentions! You worry on behalf of Me, but I do not worry. What are you worrying for? In your work for Me you are perfunctory, while lying through your teeth. I tell you! I shall drive out this kind of person from My house from this moment forth. He is not worthy to serve Me in My house. I detest this type of person because he blasphemes Me with his actions. When it was said “blasphemy against Me is an unforgivable sin,” who was this referring to? Are you clear about this? This kind of person believes the problem has not yet gotten this serious even though he has already committed this sin. Truly this muddled person is blind, ignorant, and his spirit is blocked! I will kick you out! (Because this is Satan’s temptation of Me, I hate it this much and this subject has been repeatedly mentioned, each time enraging Me. I can’t hold it back, nobody can stop it. If it were not the case that the time has not come, I would have long since dealt with him.) (This is with regard to the fact that at present there are many people who still do not believe that foreigners will seek to crowd into China; even now they still do not believe, causing My rage to churn and boil over.)

What sort of person is after My heart in My house? That is to say, before the creation, what sort of people did I predestine to live eternally in My house? Do you know? Have you considered what sort of people I love and what sort of people I hate? My house is for people who are of the same mind as Me, who share good times and hardships with Me, that is to say, people who share in both blessings and difficulty. These people all can love what I love and hate what I hate. They can abandon what I detest. If I say they cannot eat, they are willing to let their stomachs go empty to satisfy My intentions. These sorts of people are willing to remain loyal to Me, and spend for Me, they can show consideration for My painstaking efforts, always working hard for Me. Therefore, to this sort of person I give the status of firstborn son, giving everything I have to them: I have the ability to lead all the churches, this I give unto them; I have wisdom, this I also give unto them; I can suffer for practicing the truth, and I shall also give will to these people, making them able to suffer everything for My sake; I have a good caliber and I shall also give this unto them, making them exactly like Me, not the slightest bit of difference so that people will see Me in them. Now, I am putting My complete divinity within these people to enable them to live out one aspect of My complete divinity, to be a full manifestation of Me; this is My intention. Do not seek to be like Me in terms of outward things (eating the same as Me, wearing the same clothes as Me), all of this is useless, and you will only forfeit yourselves when you seek these things. This is because those who seek to imitate Me outwardly are lackeys of Satan, and this effort is a scheme of Satan, Satan’s ambition. You seek to be the same as Me, but are you worthy? I will trample you to death! My work is always underway, expanding to every nation in the world. Quickly follow My footsteps!

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