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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 50

All churches and all saints should think back to the past as well as look to the future: How many of your past actions are qualified, and how many of them had a share in the building of the kingdom? Don’t be a smart aleck! You should see clearly your own shortcomings and you should understand your own conditions. I know that none of you are willing to make any effort and expend any time in this regard, so you are not able to make any attainments. You idle away all your time in eating, drinking and having fun. When a few of you get together you play around, paying no attention to fellowshiping spiritual matters in life or to providing life to each other. I can’t bear to see you laughing and joking when you talk, and yet you are so absurd. I have said many times, but you just don’t know the meaning of what I say—is this not something that is so obvious that it is right there at the end of your nose? I have said things like this before yet you’re still not convinced and you don’t acknowledge what I say, thinking that I misunderstand you, thinking that what I say is not real. That’s right, isn’t it?

If you deal with Me perfunctorily then I will put you to one side. You just dare to be perfunctory again! You just dare to be thoughtless and careless again! My words are a carving knife; anything that does not conform to My will shall be cut out with this knife, and you need not have too much consideration for your own self-respect. I carve you so that you can take shape and conform to My will. Don’t misunderstand My heart; the only acceptable way is for you to be considerate toward My heart as much as possible. If you show even the tiniest bit of consideration, I shall not turn My back on you. Don’t always blithely ignore it; the only acceptable way is for you to allow My will to be constantly carried out on you.

The multitudes of saints are all situated in different positions, so of course you all have different functions. But you should do everything in your power to expend sincerely for Me, and your duty is to do all you can. You should be loyal in this, be gladly willing, and you really must not be half-hearted! Otherwise, My judgment will ever be upon you, your flesh, spirit and soul will be unable to endure it, and there will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.

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