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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 51

Oh! Almighty God! Amen! In You all is released, all is free, all is open, all is revealed, all is bright, devoid of any concealment or hiddenness. You are Almighty God incarnate. You have reigned as King. You have been openly revealed, no longer a mystery but revealed completely for ever and ever! I have truly been revealed entirely, I have arrived publicly, and I have appeared as the Sun of righteousness for today is no longer the era of the appearance of the morning star, it is no longer the phase of concealment. My work is like flashing lightning, it is accomplished with stunning rapidity. Today My work has progressed to this stage and whosoever dawdles or slacks off can only encounter merciless judgment. You must clearly understand in particular that I am majesty and judgment and I am no longer compassion and love as you imagine. If you are still not clear on this point, what you will then receive is judgment, for you will yourself taste that which you have not acknowledged, otherwise you will still have doubts and dare not to be firm in your belief.

That which I have entrusted to you, are you able to complete it with devotion? I say that it requires wisdom to undertake anything, yet how many things have you done in which you have gone over My exhortations time and again, and given them further consideration? Even if you have an understanding of one word of My exhortations and you think it fine when you hear it, subsequently it is of no concern to you. When you hear it, you direct it at your own real conditions and despise yourself. But later you believe it to be a trivial matter.[a] Today it is a question of whether or not your life can progress, and it is not a question of the face you assume on the outside. None of you have any resolution and you are unwilling to have determination, you don’t wish to pay the price, you don’t want to cast aside transient earthly pleasure and yet you fear the loss of blessings from heaven, what is this sort of person? This is a fool! You should not feel aggrieved—is what I have said not factual? Has it not pointed out that which you have thought to yourself? You have no humanity! You do not even have the quality of a normal person, and even if this is how it is, you still do not see yourself as impoverished, you are leisurely and carefree the whole day long, self-complacent! You don’t know how great are your own deficiencies, and what you lack. How foolish!

Do you not see that My work has already come to such a point? My will is all in you, when will you be able to grasp it, when will you show it some consideration? Lazy! You are unwilling to pay the price, unwilling to do the hard work, unwilling to take the time, and unwilling to make the effort. Let Me tell you! The more you fear suffering hardship, the fewer benefits your life will have, moreover the more obstacles you will encounter as your life grows, and the more unlikely its progression. I remind you once more (I won’t say it again)! Whosoever does not take responsibility for his own life, I will be indifferent to and I will abandon. I have already begun to put this into effect; haven’t you seen this clearly? This is not a business transaction nor is it commerce, but it is life, is that clear?


a. The original text reads “Then it is a trivial matter.”

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