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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 59

Seek My will more in the environments you encounter and you will surely obtain My approval. So long as you are willing to go in search and keep a heart that reveres Me, I will bestow on you all that you lack. The church now enters a formal practice and all things enter onto the right track. Things are no longer as they were when you had a foretaste of things to come. You must no longer be confused or be without discernment. Why do I require that you enter into reality in everything? Have you genuinely experienced this? Can you truly satisfy Me in what I require of you, just as I satisfy you? Don’t be deceitful! It is nothing more than My tolerance for you over and over again and yet you repeatedly being unable to tell what is good for you, and failing to show appreciation!

My righteousness, My majesty, My judgment and My love—all these things that are what I have and what I am—have you truly tasted them? You really are so thoughtless and you do not perceive My will. I have told you again and again that the feasts I prepare must be tasted by yourselves, yet you repudiate them over and over and cannot tell a good environment from a bad one. Which of these environments are created by you yourselves? And which are arranged by My hands? Don’t defend yourselves! I see everything perfectly clearly and it is just that you don’t go searching. What more can I say?

I will constantly appease all those who perceive My will and I will not allow them to suffer or come to harm. The crucial thing now is that you are able to take action in accordance with My will, and those who do this will surely receive My blessings and be under My protection. Who among you can truly expend wholly for Me and offer up their all for Me? You are all half-hearted, your thoughts go round and round, thinking of home, the outside world, food and clothing. Despite the fact that you are before Me doing things for Me, in your heart you still think of your wife, children and parents at home. Are all these your property? Why don’t you commit them into My hands? Do you not believe in Me enough? Or is it that you’re afraid I will make inappropriate arrangements for you? Why do you always miss your home? And miss other people! Do I occupy a certain position in your heart? And you still talk about letting Me have dominion within you and occupy your whole being—these are all deceptive lies! How many of you are for the church with all your hearts? And who among you think not of yourselves, but are for the kingdom of today? Think very carefully about this.

You have pushed Me to this extent, so I can only use My hands to spur you along; I will no longer coax you along. This is because I am a wise God, and I treat different people in different ways, depending on how you are loyal to Me. I am the almighty God—who dare hinder My forward steps? Whosoever dare be disloyal to Me, the hand of My administrative decrees will from now on surely be ever upon them, so that they are made to know My almightiness. What I desire is not a great many people, but a select few. I shall forsake and punish whoever is disloyal, dishonest, whoever engages in crooked behavior and deceit. Think no longer that I am merciful, or that I am loving and kind; this is just you indulging yourself. I know that the more I humor you the more negative and passive you become, and you become unwilling to give yourself up. When people are difficult to this extent I can only spur them on and drag them along all the time. Know this! From now on I am the God who judges; no longer am I the merciful, kind and loving God of man’s imaginations!

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