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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 58

If you grasp My intention, you will be able to have consideration for My burden and you can obtain light and revelation, and obtain release and freedom, satisfying My heart, allowing My will for you to be carried out, bringing all the saints edification, and making firm and steady My kingdom on earth. The crucial thing now is to grasp My intention, this is the path you should enter into and even more so it is the duty to be fulfilled by every person.

My word is good medicine that cures all manner of illnesses. As long as you are willing to come before Me, I will heal you, and let you see the presence of My omnipotence, see My wondrous deeds, see My righteousness and majesty and even more so see your own corruptions and your own weaknesses. I understand completely every condition within you; you always do things within your heart and do not show it on the outside. I am even more clear about every single thing that you do. But you should know which things I praise, and which things I do not praise; you should clearly distinguish between these two and you must not treat this casually.

You just pay lip service to the need to show consideration toward God’s burden, but when you confront the facts, you do not give it any consideration though you know clearly what God’s burden is. You really are muddled in the extreme, stupid to a certain degree, and even more so thoroughly benighted. This explains how difficult man is to deal with and all they do is pay nice-sounding lip service, saying something such as “I simply can’t grasp God’s intention, but if I do grasp it I will definitely act in keeping with it.” Is this not your actual condition? Although you all know God’s intention, and you know what the cause of your illness is, the crucial thing is that you are unwilling to practice; this is the greatest difficulty. If you do not immediately resolve this, it will be the biggest impediment to your own life.

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