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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 1

Do those who witness My words really accept them? Do you really know Me? Have you truly learned obedience? Do you sincerely expend yourselves for Me? Have you really borne strong, unyielding witness to Me in the face of the great red dragon? Does your devotion truly humiliate the great red dragon? Only through the trial of My words can I achieve My goal of purifying the church and choosing those who truly love Me. For how else could anyone understand Me? Who can understand My majesty, My wrath, and My wisdom through My words? I will finish what I have started, but still it is I who measures the hearts of men. In truth, no man fully understands Me, so I guide them with words, and lead them into a new era this way. In the end I will complete all of My work through My words, and bring those who truly love Me back to My kingdom, to live before My throne. The situation is not what it once was, and My work has entered a new starting point. That being so, there will be a new approach: Those who read My word and accept it as their very life are the people of My kingdom. Since they are in My kingdom, they are My people in the kingdom. Because they are guided by My words, although they are referred to as My people, this title is not at all inferior to being called My “sons.” As My people, all must be faithful in My kingdom and fulfill their duties, and those who offend My administrative decrees must receive My punishment. This is My warning to all.

As now a new approach is used, all that from the past need not be said again. However, I have said these words: What I have said must be counted, what is counted must be completed, and this cannot be changed by anyone; this is absolute. Whether it be what I have said in the past or what I say in the future, all will come to be, and all of mankind will see this. This is the principle behind the work of My words. As the construction of the church has already been achieved, it is now no longer the era of church building, but rather the era in which the kingdom is successfully built. However, as you are still on earth, your assemblies will remain known as the church. Nevertheless, the essence of the church is not the same as it once was, and it has shown true success. Therefore, I say My kingdom has descended to earth. None can grasp the root of My words, nor can they understand the purpose behind them. As I speak today, you may experience an epiphany. Perhaps some will burst out weeping; others may feel afraid that this is the way that I speak. Some may maintain an old-fashioned perspective to My every action; some may regret their complaints or resistance to Me; some may inwardly rejoice, for they have never strayed from My name, and now today are revived; perhaps some people were rattled by My words long ago, and they hover between life and death, dispirited and downcast, and no longer have the heart to hear the words I speak even if I choose a different manner of expression. There may be some who are so devoted to Me that they have never complained, never doubted, and today are fortunate enough to gain release and feel gratitude in their hearts toward Me that is beyond words. Everyone falls under these categories to varying degrees. But as the past is the past, and now is the present, there is no need to long for the past any longer, or to worry about the future. Among men, those who go against reality and do not do things according to My guidance will not come to a good end, and will only bring trouble upon themselves. Of everything that occurs in the universe, there is nothing that I do not have the final say in. What exists that is not in My hands? All that I say goes, and among men, who is there who can change My mind? Could it be the covenant I made on the earth? Nothing can hinder My plan; I am ever-present in My work as well as in the plan of My management. What man can interfere? Is it not I who has personally made these arrangements? Entering into this situation today, it still does not stray from My plan or what I foresaw; it was all determined by Me long ago. Who among you can fathom My plan for this step? My people will listen to My voice, and each and every one of those who truly love Me shall return before My throne.

February 20, 1992


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