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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 2

Following the undertaking of the new approach, there will be new steps in My work. As it is in the kingdom, I will do things directly through divinity, leading every step of the way, precise to the finest detail, and absolutely free of any adulteration with human intentions. The following outlines the ways of actual practice: As it is through hardship and refinement that they have earned the title of the “people,” and as they are the people of My kingdom, I must hold them to stringent requirements, which are higher than the methods of My work for previous generations. It is not only the reality of words, but even more importantly it is the reality of practice, and this must first be achieved. In all words and deeds, they must meet the standards required of the people of the kingdom, and any offenders will immediately be removed, to avoid shame coming to My name. However, those ignorant who cannot see clearly, and cannot understand are an exception. In the construction of My kingdom, pay attention to eating and drinking the words I speak, understand My wisdom, and corroborate through My work. Whoever pays mind to the words of a book that is not Mine is absolutely unwanted by Me; this is a harlot who is defiant of Me. As an apostle, one must not dwell at home for too long. If this cannot be done, I will discard and no longer use him. I do not force him. Since apostles are not at home for long, it is through spending long periods of time in the church that they are edified. Of every two assemblies of the churches, apostles must participate at least once. So, co-workers’ assemblies must become regular (co-workers’ assemblies include: all apostle assemblies, all church leader assemblies, and all assemblies for saints who have clear insight). At least some of you must attend each assembly, and apostles only pay attention to watching over the churches. The requirements previously made of saints have become more profound. For those who had committed offenses before I bore witness to My name, due to their devotion to Me, I will still use them once they have been tested by Me. However, for those who commit an offense again after My testimony and are determined to turn over a new leaf, such people only remain within the church. Still, they cannot be careless and wanton, but rather must be more constrained than others. As for those who do not mend their ways after I have uttered My voice, My Spirit will leave them immediately, and the church will have the right to carry out My judgment, and make them leave the church. This is absolute, and there can be no extra room for consideration. If one collapses in the trial, that is, he leaves, no one should pay any mind to that person, so as to avoid testing Me and allowing Satan to enter the church in madness. This is My judgment of him. Whoever does unrighteousness and acts based on their emotions will also not be numbered among My people, not just the one who defected. Another function of apostles is to focus on spreading the gospel. Of course, saints can also do this work, but they must be wise in doing so, and must refrain from stirring up trouble. The above are the current ways of practice. Also, as a reminder, you must pay attention to making your sermons more profound, so that all may enter the reality of My words. You must closely follow My words, and make it so all people may understand them clearly, and unambiguously. This is most crucial. Those among My people who harbor thoughts of betrayal must be expelled, and must not be allowed to stay long in My house, lest they bring insult to My name.

February 21, 1992

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