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The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Chapter 45

You publicly judge your brothers and sisters as if it were nothing. You truly do not know good from evil; you do not know shame! Is this not terribly audacious, reckless behavior? Every single one of you is confused and heavy of heart; you carry so much baggage and there is no place for Me in you. Blind men! How cruel you are—when will it end?

I speak to you from My heart time and again and I give everything I have to you, but you are so stingy and are lacking the slightest bit of humanity; this is really inscrutable. Why do you cling to your own notions? Why can you not let Me have some place in you? How could I possibly harm you? You must not continue to behave in this way—My day is indeed not far from now. Do not speak carelessly, behave recklessly, or fight and cause trouble; what good can this bring to your lives? I am telling you truthfully, even if not a single person is saved when My day comes, I will still handle matters according to My plan. You must know that I am the almighty God! No object, no person, no event dares to hinder My steps forward. You should not think that I have no way to carry out My will without you. I can tell you that if you treat your own life in this negative manner, you will only ruin your own life and it will be no concern of Mine.

The work of the Holy Spirit has progressed to a certain stage and the testimony has reached a peak. This is the plain truth. Quick, open your bleary eyes, do not allow My painstaking efforts in you to be in vain, and do not indulge yourselves any longer. You are happy to do good deeds in front of Me, but when I am not present could your actions and behaviors be held up in front of Me for Me to see? You do not know good from evil! You do not listen to Me, you do one thing in front of Me and another behind My back. You still have not realized that I am the God who looks deep into man’s heart. How ignorant!

Later, on the road ahead, you must not create artifice or engage in deception and crookedness, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable! You still do not understand what deception and crookedness are. Any actions or behaviors which you cannot let Me see, which you cannot bring out into the open are deception and crookedness. Now you should understand this! If you engage in deception and crookedness in the future, do not pretend to not understand, that is just to knowingly do wrong, to be even more guilty. This will only lead to you being burnt by the fire, or even worse, ruining yourselves. You must understand! What you are facing today is the chastening of love; it is definitely not heartless judgment. If you cannot see this, then you are too pitiful, and you are simply beyond all hope. If you are not willing to accept the chastening of love, then all that can befall you is heartless judgment. When that happens, do not complain that I did not tell you. It is not I who have shirked My responsibilities but rather you who have not listened to My words and have not carried out My words. I am telling you this now, lest I be blamed later.

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